Should I get a BMW Extended Warranty?

As you speed down the road in your BMW, disaster strikes: your AM radio is fuzzy, your car shakes so much you feel like a tornado, the brakes burst your eardrums, and you feel like you can barely keep up with the amount of oil your car consumes.

Could a BMW warranty ease your peace of mind with these and other known BMW issues

Tap the brakes and drive in to find out more about warranties and why they may be the best choice to keep you on the road.

The ABCs of the BMW Warranty

So you’ve been a Bimmer owner tried and true for years now  (to the point where you will throw down if someone even calls you or your car a Beamer or Beemer).

The good news is, your vehicle shows no sign of slowing down.

The bad news is, you may be unsure about why your car shop or dealer is pestering you about purchasing an extended BMW warranty.

Let us take you through the ABCs.

A is for Additional

Know this: An extended warranty is additional. It is optional.

In fact, extended warranties can get a bad rap, especially when they’re lumped in with “extras” that the stereotypical pushy car-salespeople try to foist on you.

But hold on.

You love your car and you want to keep it on the road with you for a long time. You know that, in time, your vehicle will need regular maintenance, new parts, and occasional major repairs. It’s just a fact of life.

So really, what you want to do is weigh the options.

Are you prepared to shell out money, in full, on the spot any time your BMW needs repairs, such as:

  • Electronic components failing
  • Regulators that break, causing windows to stop working
  • Door entry remotes that lose their parts or parts fail
  • Tire issues
  • Engine problems

Or would you rather have the peace of mind that part, if not all, of your costs, may be covered?

B is for Basics

Learning about extended offerings for your BMW warranty doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Basically, you need to know warranty information, such as: 

  • What is included in your stated component coverage
  • Whether you qualify for Powertrain coverage
  • If your coverage is inclusive or exclusionary

C is for Cost

Obviously, purchasing an extended warranty means an outlay of funds. Talk to a trusted repair shop and discuss your options. You may even be qualified for discounts through AAA, the military, and more.

Consider the decision like a security blanket. Your extended warranty costs money but will keep you and your car safe and warm. No blanket? Feel the chill.

Make a Pit Stop

You know how NASCAR drivers have to “pit,” where they pull in and within a fraction of a second, their pit crew surrounds them, repairs the vehicle, refreshes the driver, and gets him back on the road toward that checkered flag?

Consider us your own personal pit crew.

We can help keep your pre-2012 BMW on the road racing toward the finish line and directly toward the winner’s circle.

Start by clicking here to contact us. 

We will help you determine what’s best in terms of a BMW warranty for your vehicle, pricing, length, and check for discounts, rebates, and more.

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