The Automotive News website has an article dated January 26, 2014 that discusses automaker BMW’s plans to refurbish its products and services. This should come as no surprise, as most luxury car manufacturers pride themselves on their attention to detail, and will strive to continuously improve the quality of their work for loyal customers.

The article features an interview with a BMW dealer, who reveals specifics on how the company is working to improve its service:

Customer service has become a battleground for luxury brands. What is BMW doing to boost its low customer satisfaction scores?

It is surprising, and it is a disappointment. We are looking at it from the angle of the manufacturer and product quality and reliability and whether we are asking the customer the right questions and looking at the right things. Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer can accept poor scores.”

Since customers pay handsomely for the comfort and extravagance of luxury vehicles, it makes sense for manufacturers to further extend the luxury to the realm of car services. Luxury automobiles are always built to exact specifications and high standards, so skilled work by licensed professionals is required to properly maintain them. Owners can always rely on a local BMW repair center like Auto Works of Brandon to give their car special attention.

Reliable Service For Your Luxury Car

Most luxury cars also feature technologies that are unavailable in regular models and are often innovations in driving safety and engine performance. As manufacturers like BMW churn out newer models, the intricacies of these systems advance as well. Owners of these top-of-the-line vehicles can’t just choose any auto shop to service their cars, so they’ll have to seek a special service for reliable BMW repair in Tampa for maintenance work.

(Source: New Products, revamped stores top BMW’s agenda,, January 26, 2014)


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