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Audi Repair Shop Weighs in on Tire Types – Part 1

Import and European cars are sexy. They have distinctive body styles, features, and they are often chosen for their luxury and performance. But when we describe the way a car “feels” on the road, how often do we attribute that feeling to the tires? Tires are important, yet many times tires are chosen based on what’s in stock, what’s on sale, what matches the other two (if we are only getting a partial set), or possibly a road hazard warranty. Have you ever considered that different tires can completely change the way your car drives, how it feels, how it handles?

At Auto Works of Brandon, we do more than Audi service and repair. We want to see you safe and happy when you drive your USA Audi car. If a tire purchase is in your near future, or even if we’ve just piqued your interest, read on to see if a new type of tire could spice up your driving relationship. With a little help from, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the five most common tire types with their features and options. If these first three are too “bland” for your driving style, catch our follow up piece on the “spicier” options.

Passenger tires: Smooth Ride, Longer Wear

If you want a cost-effective option, look no further. From entry-level brands with excellent value, to premium brands offering longer wear and tear with lower cost-per-mile operation, this option is the “comfort food” of the tire world. Common features and options:

  1. Higher profiles (80, 75, 70, or 65 series) for smoother ride and longer wear
  2. Lower speed ratings (Q, S, and T) with a harder, longer wearing compound
  3. All-season tread designs for year round wet, dry and snow traction
  4. Tread patterns that emphasize high ride comfort and low noise
  5. White or black sidewall finish
  6. Tread wear guarantees ranging from 30,000 to 85,000 miles or more

Touring tires: Luxury Ride, Performance Handling

Look here for enhanced performance blended with excellent ride quality. Designs range from high mileage S and T-rated tires to performance-oriented V-rated designs. Common features and options:

  1. Slightly lower profile (70 to 55 series) and wider tread than an equivalent passenger tire for improved handling and stability “at speed”
  2. The widest range of speed ratings (S, T, U, H and V), of any tire
  3. Numerous wear, handling, and ride-quality tradeoffs (Touring tiresfor a minivan vs. Touring tires for a BMW)
  4. Predominantly all-season tread designs (Although a number of dry or summer designs are available.)
  5. Tread patterns that emphasize performance blended with ride comfort and low noise
  6. Contemporary black sidewall styling (Few touring designs offer a white sidewall finish.)
  7. Optional tread wear guarantees, which diminish as speed ratings increase

These specialty tires are generally chosen to enhance the look and low speed traction of a vehicle. Common features and options:

  1. A wide range of profiles andtread widths to create a special look (Muscle cars, vans and street trucks commonly these)
  2. Lower speed ratings (S and T) that help keep these tires very affordable
  3. All-season tread designs with year round wet, dry and snow traction
  4. Tread patterns that emphasize low speed traction and handling
  5. Raised white lettering or black lettering (on either sidewall) to provide styling choices
  6. Tread wear guarantees ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 miles

No matter what “tire style” you choose, care and maintenance is the best way to ensure the best performance and longest life from your tires. Auto Works of Brandon has been specializing in high-performance, import and European cars for over 14 years. Whether you are in need of Audi service, repair or any other specialized service, we are here to serve you. As an ASE-certified facility with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, no issue is too big or too small. From tire repairs and tune-ups to engine repairs and transmission replacements, Auto Works of Brandon is your # 1 choice.


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