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Imagine a long ride down a country road in your Grandpa’s pickup truck. Now, envision a limo ride to the theatre downtown. Both images can stir positive thoughts and feelings and neither is better or worse than the other. They are just different experiences and they appeal to different people. Much is the same when you consider the driving experience you desire from your car. At Auto Works of Brandon, we specialize in Audi service and repair in Tampa, and wanted to share some useful information to help our customers with a common question that pops up on Audi repair shop. Whether you choose a touring tire for your Audi A8, or an Ultra High Performance tire for your Audi TT, it really comes down to driver preference, outside of manufacturer recommendations and safety considerations, of course. With a little help from, here are the last 2 “spicier” tire options with their features and options:

High Performance tires: Performance Plus Style

This tire design extends high-speed handling and stability. Common features and options:

  1. Lower profiles (as low as 40 series) and larger diameter wheel sizes (up to 17 in.) which stiffen sidewalls for improved cornering response, lower rolling resistance and increased tread stability
  2. H (130 mph) and V (149 mph) speed ratings, which offer control “at speed” for high performance cars
  3. All-season designs (Although dry designs deliver superior cornering response and high-speed stability in wet and dry conditions.)
  4. Tread designs with an emphasis on maximum contact patch
  5. Softer tread compounds for better traction
  6. Lower UTQG ratings and shorter treadlife
  7. Sophisticated belt and cap ply packages that help maintain a maximum contact patch and optimum tire shape at high speeds
  8. Numerous bead and sidewall enhancements that stiffen the casing for better cornering response and high speed stability

Ultra High Performance tires: World-class Handling

These tires take material and tire design technology to the limit. These are the tires for today’s most sophisticated sports cars and sedans. All-season designs deliver year round traction and others are designed for extreme performance with the unbeatable contact patch. Common features and options:

  1. The lowest profiles attainable by design and material technology, as low as 25 series, delivering supreme control and response at speed (Tire diameters up to 22 inches and cross-section widths up to 345 mm are available.)
  2. W (168 mph), Y (186 mph) or Z (over 149 mph) speed ratings, for the ultimate in high-speed control
  3. Asymmetric and directional tread designs that maximize dry contact patch and wet control (All-season designs compromise extreme performance for year round usability.)
  4. “Sticky” tread compounds that trade off treadlife for performance (The UTQG tread wear ratings for ultra high performance tires are the lowest of any tire designed for everyday street use.)
  5. Design innovations and exotic lightweight materials to enhance handling and high-speed control
  6. Designs that deliver a smoother, quieter ride (A vehicle with an ultra high performance suspension is required to receive the full benefit.)

Still not sure which tire to choose? Auto Works of Brandon has been specializing in high-performance, import and European cars for over 14 years and we can walk you through your options to help you make the best choice for you and how you want your car to feel. Our focus is on serving you with excellence and we strive to be the best. Auto Works of Brandon is a top-rated Audi repair shop in Tampa and their ASE-certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your Audi repair needs.


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