Buying a BMW is a pricy decision, but it is often well worth the expense, as a new bimmer is one of the best pieces of automobile engineering on the market. The average prices of these cars are as follows: a 2014 BMW 5 can command a price tag ranging from $49,500 to $70,400, and even older models require a buyer to fork over at least $30,000 to have the privilege to own one and a quality BMW Repair Centers.

BMW Sales

With BMW’s solid and impressive reputation, it’s no surprise that people are spending on these German vehicles as the economy recovers. Woody White, a contributor for, wrote about the positive sales record that the company has set in the early quarter of this year:

“The BMW Group achieved record sales in April, keeping us on track to achieve our aim of delivering our best-ever year with more than 2 million vehicles sold in 2014,” said Ian Robertson, the company’s head of sales and marketing. He pointed to strong sales of the new 2 and 4 Series cars, adding that the automaker will launch 16 new or revised models this year as it battles German rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi for worldwide sales of luxury autos.

BMW Service Centers: Caring for Your Car

Needless to say, as BMW sales increase, the demand for certified BMW repair and maintenance services from authorized centers will spike as well. Fortunately, bimmer drivers or enthusiasts, particularly in Tampa and nearby areas like Brandon, can count on a reliable BMW repair and service center such as Auto Works of Brandon. In such facilities, a BMW owner can be assured that the right parts are available, the best tools and equipment are used, and the center’s mechanics know exactly what they’re doing.

Getting a bimmer back into tip-top shape can be costly, especially if the vehicle’s mechanical problem or issue has been neglected for a considerably long time. Hence, it would be better to avoid unnecessary repairs by regularly taking your beloved ride to a trusted Brandon or Tampa BMW service center.

Preventive Maintenance is Vital

Modern BMWs have built-in sensors to warn their drivers of the need for maintenance at a BMW Repair Centers. Additionally, the owner himself can take steps to keep his car in good shape; precautionary measures like checking the tires regularly or making sure that you have a container of de-icing liquid in the trunk during winter can greatly add to a BMW’s service life and prevent breakdowns.

(Source: BMW sales continue strong, The State, May 14, 2014)


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