VW service Beetle and Jetta owners beware: Volkswagen has ordered the global recall of more than a million units of both models, with almost 500,000 in the United States alone. The move came in the wake of a Chinese investigation which put the models’ rear suspension system in stark focus.

A specific part of the rear suspension system, the rear trailing arm, can fracture if not repaired soon after a rear-end collision. This particular component connects the rear axle to the vehicle’s body and maintains stability during driving, and thus any fracture may lead to a crash. As yet, there have been no reported accidents or injuries as a result of the issue, but Volkswagen has seen it fit to recall the affected models for further inspection.

VW Service

While the incident may stir unrest among Beetle and Jetta owners in many countries, the car manufacturer asserted that there are no problems with the trailing arm. They added that the problem lies in drivers who fail to bring in their cars for post-accident VW service after being involved in rear-end collisions, and instead continue to drive with faulty parts. Such negligence eventually leads to broken trailing arms and a greater probability of further accidents. A Volkswagen spokesman elaborated in a Wall Street Journal article:


Volkswagen insisted that the rear suspension systems in the Beetle and Jetta, its most widely sold car in the U.S., aren’t defective. The problem, he said, is that Chinese drivers don’t take their cars in for repair. In this case, that means car owners continue to drive with a faulty part until it breaks.

“The axle is safe,” the VW spokesman said. “We are calling the vehicles in for inspection in order to calm customers who may be unsettled by the events in China.”

In the wake of the Chinese safety investigation, VW inspected more than 40 cars that demonstrated problems with the trailing arm. In each instance the car had been involved in a rear-end collision and the driver had neglected to have the car repaired and the trailing arm broke.

The international recall underlined the need for proper vehicle maintenance VW service to prevent catastrophic mechanism or parts failure. In the event of a crash or collision, for instance, Beetle and Jetta owners in Florida should take in their vehicles for comprehensive Volkswagen repair to certified experts such as Auto Works of Brandon to ensure that their cars are functioning correctly and to guarantee safety on the road.

(Source: Volkswagen Recalling Nearly 500,000 Beetles, Jettas in U.S., The Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2014)


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