Car Maintenance: How to Take Care of High-End Luxury Cars

According to vehicle valuation company Kelley Blue Book, the average transaction price for luxury cars starts at about $40,000 and can reach up to $100,000 for a flagship luxury sedan.

The price of acquiring a luxury car may be high, but the feeling of owning one is priceless. If you are one of the lucky few who could get your dream car, the last thing you want is to lose it because of negligence.

Taking care of a luxury car is a slightly different experience from caring for a regular one, so you need to know some very important things about it. From receiving professional luxury car service to checking the clutch, this article will share a few tips for caring for your high-end vehicle.

Practice Responsible Driving

Responsible driving is not limited to regular cars—it’s even more essential in a luxury car. If you own a high-end vehicle from popular brands like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, or BMW, the more reason to be careful on the road. Whether you bought your luxury car as an investment or to fulfill a dream, you wouldn’t want it to be involved in an accident.

By being a responsible driver, you prolong your vehicle’s life and yours. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid unnecessary distractions. Refrain from aggressive driving habits such as increasing your speed over speed bumps and braking hard. Doing these may cause physical damage and lead to internal component issues.

Rely on Trusted and Professional Car Services

Your luxury car has several maintenance tasks that you can safely perform on your own. However, it also requires routine car maintenance involving specialized tools, diagnostics equipment, and manufacturer-specific knowledge.

After becoming a luxury car owner, one of the first things you must do is find a car care center for your particular car make and model. It should have factory-trained technicians who know how to maintain and fix your car.

Ask around your area for certified car care centers that handle European or Japanese luxury vehicles and rely on them for routine maintenance. High-end vehicles need to be checked at least once a year to make sure they are running properly. Ensure that the car center you have chosen has the tools and experience to do the job.

car interior cleaning

​Keep Your Car Spotless

Luxury cars are not just intricately designed to run faultlessly but to look good as well. If your high-end vehicle is not regularly washed, all that exquisite design will be buried in dust and grime.

Always make an effort to wash your car at least once a week to remove dirt from the exterior and preserve its exterior color. You can also do the cleaning of the interior yourself. Just ensure that you are using the right cleaning solution for the seat material to avoid unnecessary damage.

You must also have your car professionally cleaned and detailed at least once every four to six months. It will help preserve the quality, color, and overall appearance of the vehicle.

Always Check the Clutch

Your luxury car’s engine is a powerhouse, and having a working clutch makes it run smoothly. As such, the clutch is a very important component of any high-end car. It’s worthy of regular checkups.

Here are some signs of a failing car clutch:

  • Weak acceleration: The engine is revving, but the car isn’t accelerating normally.
  • Loose clutch pedal: The pedal hits the floor with almost no effort.
  • Grinding gears: The gear grinds hard and produces a loud noise when shifting gears.
  • Gear doesn’t shift: The car simply won’t shift gears or slips in between gears.

Experiencing any of these symptoms warrants a visit to your trusted auto care center. Ignoring the issue can cause further problems to your car’s internal components and may require expensive repairs.

Your luxury car is both a significant investment and a crowning achievement, so taking good care of it should always be a priority. Keep these maintenance tips in mind and work with your trusted car care center to make your vehicle run at peak performance.

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Car Maintenance
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