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Car Engine Overheating? Here’s What You Should Do

Car Engine Overheating? Here’s What You Should Do

Smoke rising from underneath the hood is never a welcome sight, as it may indicate that your engine is overheating. Other symptoms of an overheating engine are a burning smell and poor performance. According to, an illuminated check engine light can also indicate overheating. Overheating can result in major damage to your vehicle. What’s more, it can cause fires. While your engine is unlikely to reach such high temperatures that it would spontaneously burst into flames, overheating can cause automotive fluids to heat up and spill over onto hot internal components of your vehicle. This can start a fire in your engine that can soon spread. Modern vehicles come with many features that keep your engine at its optimum temperature and prevent such situations. However, overheating can still happen. Rarely, an overheating engine may be caused by driving in very hot weather. More often, however, engine overheating is caused by other factors. What Causes Engine Ov ... read more


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