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Tire Alignment and Balancing: Which One Do You Really Need?

Tire Alignment and Balancing: Which One Do You Really Need?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of all car crashes caused by mechanical failure, at least 35% are linked to tire problems. Improper maintenance of your car’s tires puts you and your passengers at risk while on the road. However, tire maintenance goes beyond inflating tires and checking treads. Tire alignment and balancing are also essential aspects of car maintenance. What exactly are tire alignment and balancing? This article will discuss these two car maintenance activities, so you’ll know which one your car needs. What Is Tire Alignment? Tire alignment (commonly known as wheel alignment) involves adjusting or aligning your vehicle’s suspension system. Despite the name, it has little to do with the actual tires. What tire alignment does is reset the angle of the ... read more


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