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There are a lot of myths out there surrounding auto repair, and especially around Volkswagen repairs. Many of them are motivated by a desire to save money, or are driven by misinformation that is spread as the truth. But believing these myths can, at the least, end up costing you more time and money in the long term, and at worst they could actually be doing more damage to your car. Here are a few of the top VW repair myths, and what the truth behind them really is.

  1. You have to take it to the dealership, or your warranty is voided. This is probably the most prevalent myth, but the fact is, there is a law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 that specifically prohibits dealers from “seducing or deceiving” a car owner into spending money at their location. In truth, as long as a location is certified to work on a Volkswagen, your warranty is still intact, just as if you had taken it to the dealership. And because a repair shop doesn’t have the same kind of overhead a dealership does, the work will likely cost you less, as well.
  2. VWs are more expensive to maintain. Granted, some of the specialized parts in a Volkswagen car have to be imported, so they can be a bit more expensive than their domestic counterparts. But the reality is that most of the general parts — the parts most likely to need repair — are the same ones used on other car models, making their maintenance costs the same as any other make or model.
  3. You can fix the car yourself. While it’s true that you don’t need to go to a dealership to have your VW maintained or repaired, it can be just as harmful to try and diagnose or fix it yourself if something goes wrong. Most people who want to go the DIY route are looking to save on costs, but the fact is most cars, including Volkswagens, are complex pieces of machinery, and the most obvious issue isn’t always the real problem. Trying to fix it yourself using over-the-counter remedies or following YouTube videos can lead to additional damage at worst, or simply not fixing the problem which will then cost more down the line to have properly repaired. Trained mechanics, or those who work on their own cars on a regular basis can get away with doing routine maintenance such as oil changes themselves, but for larger issues, it’s always better to bring the vehicle to a trained and certified technician who knows the ins and outs of that specific brand.

Car repair boils down to two things: skill and trust. You should make sure you find a certified repair shop — such as Auto Works Brandon — who has the training and knowledge to quickly diagnose and fix any problem that might come up with your Volkswagen. They should be able to explain the problems to you, walk you through the needed repairs and leave you walking away trusting, absolutely, that your VW is in the right hands to get it up and running as good — or better — than new as fast as possible.

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