Why is My Engine Smoking? Reasons and Top Check Engine Services

The rate of lethal car accidents in the U.S. has decreased by 11% since 2021, but it’s still alarmingly high – an estimate of more than 3,400. In many cases, the root of the problem is something avoidable.

One of the principal ways to look after your safety while driving is to be constantly alerted about problem signs that your vehicle might display. A smoking engine, for example, may indicate something very wrong with your car.

Before contacting check engine services, it’s your responsibility as a driver to recognize engine smoke. Read on to learn the leading causes of this issue and where to seek assistance. 

What Causes Engine Smoke?

Smoke can emerge from your car engine for various reasons, including overheating, engine coolant or water in the combustion chamber, a defective coolant system, or lack of lubrication. What can help you identify the real cause is the density and color of the smoke.

Black Smoke

These are the usual reasons for the appearance of black smoke:

  • Carburetor delivering too much fuel to the engine
  • Excessive fuel burning
  • Fuel pressure problems
  • Disturbed ignition timing
  • Inlet manifold blockage

white smoke coming out of car engine

White Smoke

The usual reasons for the appearance of white smoke are:

  • Engine block cracks
  • Leaking coolant
  • Water leakage in the carburetor or exhaust
  • Cracked radiator hoses

Blue Smoke

Blue or blue-whitish smoke may indicate:

  • Oil burning in the combustion chamber
  • Oil leakage
  • Incorrect type or brand of oil used, with inappropriate viscosity
  • Substitution of mineral oil with synthetic oil and vice versa

How to Recognize a Smoking Engine and What to Do About It?

Many times, before the smoke appears, you smell it. Any scent reminiscent of burning oil, especially if driving with the windows up, should alarm you. Any problematic sounds coming from your car should alert you, as well.

See Where the Smoke is Coming From

If you sense anything suspicious, the first thing to do is stop and turn off the car. Exit your vehicle and circle it, paying attention to where the smoke, noise, or smell originates. The location of the smoke is essential to understanding the problems you may be facing.

Check for Possible Fire Under the Car’s Bonnet

If you notice your car’s bonnet smoking profusely, open it to check if there might be fire underneath. If there is, call fire services and local authorities immediately. Then, take steps to protect yourself and those nearby from a possible explosion. 

Check Engine Services Can Be More Than Helpful

The best step to prevent such situations is to have your engine checked or your vehicle maintained by Auto Works of Brandon. We provide auto diagnosis, maintenance, and repair to car owners in and around Brandon, FL.

If you notice anything suspicious about your engine, don’t waste time. Bring your vehicle to us promptly, and our experienced and licensed experts will take care of it. Or, if you simply want a check before a trip, we’re ready to examine your car thoroughly.

Contact us now – there’s nothing better than knowing that you’re driving safely!

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