Engine Talk: How Much Will It Cost to Replace Engine Mounts?

Your engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle, so you have to make sure it’s well protected. The chassis is an important barrier of protection not only for you but also for the car engine and electronics. Specifically, engine mounts are built for the purpose of protecting the driving force of your vehicle.

With regular use, your car’s components eventually wear down. However, it’s seriously bad news if your engine mount is in poor condition. If you don’t have it replaced as soon as you notice its poor condition, it can damage your engine and render your vehicle useless.


The question that might be ringing in your mind is how much does it cost to replace engine mounts? A quick engine check by a trusted industry name should help you get a fair assessment, but knowing the costs of what you may have to pay will better prepare your finances.


This piece will also look at how an engine mount functions, the types of mounts available, signs that your engine mount is failing, and other chassis issues that you may need to look out for.


How Much Does an Engine Mount Replacement Cost?

Engine mounts are usually replaced in pairs, making replacement a tricky issue to navigate. Moreover, you don’t usually have to replace a broken engine mount throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. You only usually have to replace the mount once, and there must be seriously something wrong with the chassis if the mount gets broken twice.


The moment your engine mount breaks, though, you will incur considerable expenses. 


Since it’s important to keep your engine safe, the price of having such parts installed by a reliable reflects its significance. The consolation that car owners with broken engine mounts get is the actual unit price of these units. Depending on your car, the cost of these parts can go as low as $48, with the more expensive mounts going for up to $123.


Here is a quick list of the costs for engine mount replacement for some of the most popular cars around:


Car Model

Parts Cost

Service Cost

Ford F-Series

$59 – $91

$287 – $407

Honda CR-V

$78 – $123

$208 – $385

Toyota Camry

$65 – $87

$315 – $418

Chevrolet Silverado

$88 – $114

$279 – $449

Nissan Altima

$48 – $88

$176 – $336


What Is an Engine Mount?

To better understand why replacing engine mounts cost considerable money, you must understand the role engine mounts have on your vehicle.


The part’s name is self-explanatory: engine mounts make sure your engine is correctly positioned inside the car. There are usually two to four mounts that hold the engine, and these are either bolted into the vehicle’s subframe or its actual frame.


Failing to replace your engine mounts when they’re damaged puts your car at greater risk of damage. Faulty mounts will let the heavy engine move around, which can damage other components of your vehicle.


Engine Mount Types

There are two main types of engine mounts used for most modern vehicles, and these two types come with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Metal mounts provide a more secure link between the engine and the chassis. They absorb an impressive amount of force. However, this type of mount also causes more noise and vibrations.


Solid rubber mounts are great for extending the lifespan of engines and other components while also firmly holding the engine in place. However, these aren’t great for heavier engines as they’re bound to crack and tear over time.


car engine


Signs of Faulty Engine Mounts

Over time, your car will give you warning signs that its engine mounts are starting to give out. If you experience even one of these symptoms, you should immediately have your engine checked by professional mechanics.


Bouncy Engines

Whenever you’re stepping on the gas pedal, a functional engine mount should be able to control your motor’s vibrations. Failing engine mounts will let your engine bounce left and right whenever you accelerate the vehicle.


Sounds of Repeated Impact on the Engine Bay

This symptom is related to the sign that was mentioned earlier. If your engine mount cannot perform its functions properly, the engine is likely hitting either its chassis or other components to create such noises.


Unusual Vibrations While Driving

If your car suddenly feels shakier while driving or idle, it can become slightly uncomfortable for you and your passengers. Unnecessary vibrations point to the engine mount’s dampening fluid wearing out, causing the engine to cause strange vibrations within the car.


Misaligned Engines

If you didn’t immediately address the problem with your engine mounts, a misaligned engine is one of the most obvious signs that your engine mount is starting to give in. An engine that is tilting towards one side can cause irreversible damage to the car if the engine mount is not addressed correctly.


Broken Belts and Hoses

Damaged belts and hoses are the other dead ringer for failing engine mounts. If you notice during one of your routine engine inspections that several components are already breaking down, it’s important to have your mounts replaced before they cause further damage.


Other Common Engine Problems

A broken engine mount isn’t the only thing you should look out for. There are other issues that can seriously compromise your engine if not taken care of immediately.


One of the most common problems that car owners face is the car stalling or not starting. There are also other possible reasons for your engine to make strange noises other than a broken engine mount. A smoking engine and low-quality engine oil are also concerns you should have a proper mechanic inspect.


Trust a Reliable Mechanic for Your Engine Mount Issues

Engine mounts are crucial to your vehicle’s performance. Never ignore warning signs that your engine mounts are starting to break. Make sure a reliable mechanic addresses the situation as soon as possible.


If you have a faulty engine mount or are experiencing other engine problems, talk to a trusted mechanic in Brandon, FL. Auto Works of Brandon is a trusted name in the community, with over 27 years of quality auto service to car owners in the area. Talk to us today so we can help fix your car right away.

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