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Your Volkswagen is designed to offer superior quality and comfortable luxury. The best way to ensure that your vehicle operates at its intended level of performance and luxury is to schedule your VW for service and maintenance checkups. The service and maintenance checkups will ensure that your VW is operating safely and efficiently, and it will help you prevent unexpected repairs.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we specialize in VW service and repairs in the Tampa area. Our mechanics are certified and trained in the German engineering of Volkswagen vehicles. We have the software to run diagnostic tests on your vehicle and a thorough inspection list to make sure that both the internal and external features are working properly. You can trust that your VW is in good hands with our licensed technicians.

Why should you schedule VW service and maintenance?

Volkswagen service and maintenance will help ensure that your vehicle runs at its peak performance. We recommend that you bring in your Volkswagen every 6,000 miles for regular maintenance and inspection. In our years of experience, we have seen several benefits to regular VW service and maintenance. We’ve even compiled a list so you understand why you should schedule your next VW service appointment:

  1. Save money on gas – increase gas efficiency

When the internal functions of your vehicle are operating smoothly and cohesively, your vehicle will be able to achieve the most fuel efficiency for that specific vehicle. Our VW service and maintenance includes checking the intake of your vehicle and your engine operation to ensure that you are attaining the best gas mileage.

A car is a complex and finely tuned piece of engineering. Even the slightest change can have an impact on its performance, yet changes are inevitable with usage. Natural wear and tear can lead to a gradual but significant loss of efficiency, which means that your car will require more and more fuel to travel the same distance. Regular servicing ensures that any little changes or problems are picked up and resolved, making your car as efficient as it can be for as long as possible. Regularly servicing your car will mean fewer visits to the pumps and less stress on your bank account. In an era of rising fuel prices this is more important than ever. (Lube Mobile)

  1. Maintain safety of your vehicle

Chances are, one of the reasons that you bought your Volkswagen was the superior safety rating. During our regular VW service and maintenance checks, we thoroughly review and test all of the safety features in your Volkswagen, including the airbags, steering, headlights, tire pressure, and brakes. We make sure that your vehicle is safe and secure before you take it back out on the road. This service not only protects you and your family, but it also protects other families on the road with you.

By properly maintaining your Volkswagen, you decrease the risk of danger when driving in not-so-optimal conditions.

  1. Protect your warranty

Maintaining a regular schedule for VW service can help you prevent unnecessary repairs and expenses. Most new cars require regular service in order to maintain the warranty. If you have a warranty, check to see when you are required to bring in your VW for a checkup. We usually advise that you bring in your vehicle every 6,000 miles, but your warranty might have a different requirement.

  1. Preserve the value of your vehicle

It’s much easier to sell a car that has a history of regular service, rather than a car that has a history of emergency repairs that could have been prevented. If you service your VW and prevent unnecessary repairs and problems, you can easily increase the value of your selling price when you are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

When you are ready to schedule your appointment for your VW service and maintenance in Tampa, call our office.

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