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Owners of Audi vehicles understand the importance of constantly having their vehicle serviced to maintain the luxury and precision with which their vehicle was built. Audi vehicles, and other luxury vehicles, require regular service and check up to ensure that the vehicle is operating efficiently and to avoid unnecessary repairs. During Audi service inspections, your mechanic can warn you about possible upcoming repairs, and also change fluids and other integral services to avoid unexpected Audi repairs and expenses.

However, even regular Audi service inspections cannot help you avoid all repairs. Some repairs come from general wear-and-tear of your vehicle. A good mechanic will warn you about when one of those repairs can be expected.

If you find yourself faced with an Audi repair quote that you think is unreasonable or unnecessary, it is important that you get a second opinion. If you took your Audi to a dealership for service or repair, you should check with an independent mechanic for a second opinion about the cost and necessity of the suggested Audi repair. Make sure that the independent mechanic you see is an ASE certified Audi mechanic. Don’t ever compromise the service of your vehicle to save money.

Often, ASE certified independent mechanics can offer lower rates and better customer service than dealerships for Audi service and repairs. Here is what Bank Rate says about the benefits of taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic:

Because independent shops tend to be small, with maybe three to five technicians, you’ll get to know the owner and everyone that works there. You’ll be able to ask questions directly to the mechanic working on your car… You’ll want to choose a repair shop with certified technicians. Look for mechanics that are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certified mechanics must pass comprehensive exams and must be re-certified every five years.

At Auto Works of Brandon, our mechanics are ASE certified and trained to service and repair Audi vehicles. We have built our business since 2001 on the values of honesty and reliable service. Let us help you find the best service for the best value for your luxury Audi.

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