Audi repair can range from minor to major but when you’re talking about a luxury import like an Audi, even minor repairs can cost you quite a bit of money. There are no better examples of the expense of car repairs than the ones cited by Rob Infantino in his recent article for One of these was transmission repair:

Anytime you hear the word ‘transmission,’ think dollar signs. The average cost of getting a transmission replaced on a car can be more than $3,500, almost enough to make you want to call it quits and search for a used car for less. Why does it cost so much? The transmission is a complex collection of parts, and it’s the very mechanism that makes your car move by transmitting power from your engine to your wheels, hence the name ‘transmission.’

The costs would be even higher for an Audi; an expert Audi repair service like Auto Works of Brandon would have to use imported parts to repair your transmission. Having their fancy car come back, ready for use, is often enough for many drivers. However, with all of the money you’re spending, you’ll want that trip to the mechanic to be worth the price. Here are some tips on how to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

First, if you’re the sort to go to the dealership every time something goes wrong, think again. Dealerships are great for buying cars and for issues covered by your warranty but you can save more if you go to an independent and qualified Audi Tampa service center. It’s been estimated that you get $300 in savings a year for routine maintenance and repair jobs if you take it to an independent Audi service center.

Second, always ask for your parts back. This ensures that the replacement did happen. Moreover, some complicated parts, like the transmission, are composed of lesser parts; these parts can still be refurbished and sold off. If your mechanic wants these parts, you can probably negotiate a deduction to your bill.

Finally, before starting any service repair, have the mechanic do a written estimate of the repairs needed. In Florida, the law requires that an estimate be drawn up if the repairs cost more than $100. Additionally, you can request that the mechanic contact you if the repairs will exceed the original estimate. This will ensure the repair costs won’t balloon without you knowing about it.

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