There are those that prefer to own cars from foreign like Volkswagen as these high-class automobiles carry unique, advanced features like turbocharged engines and sport-tuned suspensions. Also, the inclusion of state-of-the-art components and other helpful additions provide optimum car performance and a better driving experience. One of the European manufacturer’s flagship products is the new 2015 VW Golf Mark VII, which was recently featured in an article by Karl Brauer for Forbes:

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf Mark VII is one of the first U.S. models to utilize the MQB platform from the modular toolkit (the all-new 2015 Audi A3 is the other one). As you might guess, the key reason for using a streamlined platform system is to save production costs while, hopefully, engineering vehicles that are fully competitive in today’s ultra-competitive car market. Both the Audi A3 and the new Golf appear to validate Volkswagen’s plan.

This new Golf is larger inside and offers a stronger frame, yet it weighs less. It makes more horsepower in both gasoline and diesel form, yet it’s more fuel efficient. And every model comes standard with an advanced XDS Cross Differential system that enhances steering response and overall stability. Best of all, the new Golf costs less than the outgoing model despite all of these improvements.

The release of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf Mark VII and other similar car models is welcome news to enthusiasts as these cars reliably address certain driving and travelling concerns. However, even though European car makers like Volkswagen continue to come up with innovative ways to improve the experiences of drivers everywhere, these new models–like their predecessors–will also be subjected to tough road conditions that can lead to instances of breakdowns. In light of this, car owners should consider getting a professional VW repair service to help prevent such unfortunate events.

Experienced and trusted auto repair shops such as Auto Works of Brandon have an extensive history of providing comprehensive VW service that help maintain cars and immediately repair vehicular problems. Their technicians and mechanics continue to receive training on the latest industry developments, which helps in spotting common and complex causes of breakdowns like ignition problems, inappropriate water and oil levels, battery conditions, leaks, and fuel and engine difficulties.

Moreover, professional VW Repair Service possess in-depth knowledge of Volkswagen products as the relevant updates are immediately provided to them whenever a new model is released. Most importantly, reliable auto repair centers are equipped with the appropriate tools and car repair equipment to ensure that they can properly, promptly, and efficiently address any kind and signs of automobile problems.

(Source: All-New 2015 Golf Represents the Future of Volkswagen in the U.S., Forbes, June 11, 2014)


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