Undoubtedly, a ride that has the Mercedes-Benz emblem on it costs quite a fortune, and its owner should expect nothing less from it than remarkable performance. Unfortunately, even the most expensive vehicles still falter, and with every problem comes the need for an Affordable Mercedes Repair. Automobile repairs can be one of the most expensive bill a person could pay for—how much more would they cost if they were done on high-end cars?

A report on details one Mercedes-Benz owner’s predicament after gasoline seeped into his car’s interior:

“This is where the gasoline was pooling,” [Ronan] McCabe said as he showed [consumer investigator Jim Strickland] the top of the fuel tank under his back seat.

He had repairs totaling $1,935.12. In a letter, Mercedes-Benz told McCabe it had thoroughly reviewed his case and respectfully declined to foot the repair bill. “Mercedes is all about safety, reliability and quality. Not in this situation,” McCabe said.

In 2008, Mercedes-Benz recalled 8,000 2003 through 2006 E and CLS models, blaming the smell on cracks in the fuel filter. A year ago it recalled 5,800 more cars from 2011 and 2012, but Ronan McCabe’s car wasn’t covered either time.

Though the premier car manufacturer recalled their defective cars, not all models were included in the move, thereby still leaving a number of unlucky owners to settle for Affordable Mercedes Repair.

Having your car checked by a Mercedes dealer is good, but why do so if you can have it repaired professionally for a significantly lower amount by a trusted Tampa Mercedes repair provider?

Reliable Service For Your Luxury Car

There are facilities, like Auto Works of Brandon, that offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for virtually all types of Mercedes-Benz models at affordable prices. A word of caution, though: Do not automatically settle for the cheapest service without doing your research. Take time to study what the facilities offer and compare each and every one of them before making a decision. One good tip is to opt for a Mercedes repair facility that is led by ASE-certified technicians.

Your Mercedes-Benz may be expensive but who says your repairs should be expensive too?

(Source: Mercedes owners find gasoline pooling in backseat,, February 3, 2014)


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