Honda Repair Services: TPMS Light On

As a Honda owner, you have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that signals when you need to check on your tires while on the road. It’s a great safety feature required by law since 2003. If the TPMS warning light stays on even after seeing to your tires, it means that you need Honda repair services. This article will tell you what to do when your TPMS light turns on and if it stays on or flashes.

Why the TPMS Light Turns On

The TPMS warning lights up when your tire pressure is lower than the manufacturer’s specified pressure levels by 25% or more. This alerts you to the possibility of a flat tire.

Tire pressure drops with the outside temperature at around 1 psi per ten degrees. Conversely, as the weather turns warmer, your tire pressure increases. You must, therefore, always check and adjust your tire pressure at the start of winter and summer. There are different pressure levels recommended for each season.

Sometimes, the TPMS light turns on for a few minutes and then turns off by itself if triggered by a pressure drop from cold weather. As the vehicle runs and the tires heat up, tire pressure is readjusted.

The second reason that the TPMS light goes on is if it is malfunctioning. A flashing light indicates a malfunction.

What To Do

When you first notice that your TPMS light is on while driving, immediately do the following:

  • Stop the vehicle. Ensure you are in a safe place. 
  • Check the recommended tire pressure for each tire. You can find this on the inside of the driver’s door.
  • If your car has the Tire Fill Assist feature, leave the vehicle on. It will activate the beeper and exterior lights to indicate proper pressure, low pressure, or high pressure.
  • If you do not have the Tire Fill Assist feature, use a tire gauge to monitor each tire's pressure.
  • Inflate each tire to the recommended level.
  • Do not over-inflate tires. These can be dangerous to drive on. If you inadvertently do so, let some air out until you’ve reached the correct level.
  • Take note of the tire pressure before inflation. If only one tire had a pressure lower than the others by more than 30%, this is cause for concern. Take your vehicle to a tire technician for checking.
  • If the TPMS light stays on after you have adjusted the pressure on all tires, drive for a few minutes at 28 mph. This will allow the TPMS to reset. If the light stays on, bring the vehicle for Honda repair services.

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Why You Need Honda Repair Services

Your car’s TPMS is there to assist you. If it is malfunctioning, you will not be able to know if you have one or more flat tires while driving. This can lead to a crash.

Do not try to reset the TPMS code because a certified technician needs to read it to find out what the problem is and determine what needs to be done. Take your car in for Honda repair services as soon as possible. This will ensure that you can continue to rely on your TPMS to keep you safe on the road.

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