Honda Service

At Auto Works of Brandon we use genuine Honda parts for many repairs including but not limited to Brake issues, Engine work, Transmission repairs, Diagnostics, Tune-ups, Cooling Systems, Electrical repairs, Drivability, Suspension and so much more.

Auto Works of Brandon keeps in touch with our Tampa Bay area clients every step of the way regarding the repair of their Honda. We will inspect and test drive your Honda so we can accurately diagnose the problem your Honda is experiencing before quoting any prices or suggesting repairs over the phone or via our latest technology texting feature.

You can always expect to receive a full explanation of any necessary repairs your Honda needs. You will receive an honest estimate, and our professional opinion on whether the repair can wait a while or is needed immediately.

At Auto Works of Brandon when we repair your Honda we offer competitive prices to insure you can afford the repairs your Honda needs. To keep your car running efficiently, safely and reliably Auto Works of Brandon offers their platinum warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles on most repairs.

On top of being the best Honda repair facility in the Tampa Bay area Auto works of Brandon offers superior maintenance. Auto Works of Brandon believes in investing in preventative maintenance. That’s why the Honda certified staff at Auto Works of Brandon offers all scheduled maintenance and services needed for your Honda and meets all the maintenance and safety requirements suggested by Honda for all Honda models.

At Auto Works of Brandon we far too often find that other auto repair shops and dealerships in the Tampa Bay area recommend costly maintenance that isn’t necessary or Honda suggested. It is our belief to best maintain your Honda that we should use Honda checklists for all of the maintenance and services we do. These Honda lists allow us to help foresee future issues, track wear and tear, plan for replacement of Honda Brakes, Belts, Tires, Fluids, Filers, and maximize the life of your Honda.

Auto Works of Brandon keeps your Honda running in it’s best shape possible, the way it was designed to, protects you from roadside breakdowns, and saves you money on repairs long term. Call the best Tampa Bay auto repair shop, Auto Works of Brandon today to schedule any Service, Maintenance, or Repair needed on your Honda.


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