Signs You Need an Alternator Replacement: Tire Rotation Alignment and Balancing, and More

Unless you have a designated AI service incorporated in your car to let you know whenever your alternator starts to fail, chances are you may overlook the first symptoms of a malfunction. And that happens quite often, as the alternator is in charge of your car battery and all other electronic components of the vehicle, such as the tire rotation alignment and balancing system.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize the first signs that something may be wrong with your alternator - and what to do about it. 

Your Car Doesn’t Start Right and is Slowing Down while Driving

One of the first ways to tell that the alternator is having trouble starting your car’s battery is your car having trouble starting in the first place. Pay attention to your car’s speed levels during driving. If you notice that it starts to slow down and stall mid-drive, take it seriously since both symptoms may be telling you that the alternator can’t provide enough energy to sustain the vehicle’s electricity requirements.

A Smokey Smell May Tell You Something Is Burning

Wear and tear can be reflected on the alternator and its belts, with them getting close to the piping-hot engine and starting to burn. Same goes for the wires. Noticing a burning smell in your car almost always points to a serious issue, and one of the causes can be an obsolete alternator. 

Inconsistent Power in Your Lights

Any sort of issue with the electricity inside your car - alternator included - is usually manifested through the headlights. If you notice that the light seems to be either fainter or much stronger than what it should be, take this as a tell-tale sign that something’s off with the electrical system in your car - and that it needs to be checked immediately.

Accessories Failing to Deliver

Most, if not all, car accessories are connected to the vehicle via its electronic system. If you notice that they can’t be turned on, or that they’re malfunctioning in any sort of way, consider the possibility that your car’s electricity levels may be low and your alternator faulty.

checking car battery

The Battery Sends a Warning or Completely Dies

If your car battery dies, malfunctions, or sends a warning, that can only indicate two kinds of problems: with the battery, or with the alternator. If you manage to eliminate the first option, the only alternative left is to replace the alternator.

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