Is Your Car AC Blowing Hot Air? Here are 3 Possible Reasons

In Florida, an air-conditioning unit in your vehicle is not a luxury but a necessity. The hot and humid weather makes it nearly impossible to drive comfortably without one. More importantly, it can be unsafe, especially for small children and pets who are sensitive to high temperatures.

For these reasons, it can be very stressful to get into your vehicle one sunny morning and find out that the car A/C is blowing hot air. If this happens, don’t panic. Most problems with vehicle air-conditioning units can be repaired quickly.

Depending on the cause, you can fix the issue yourself if you have automotive A/C knowledge, or an experienced technician can do it for you for more complicated problems.

The following are possible reasons your vehicle’s A/C unit is blowing hot air.

Your Vehicle Is Leaking Refrigerant

Automotive refrigerant is a gas compressed to a liquid that works by absorbing the heat in your car’s interior and radiating it outside your vehicle. When your vehicle has low refrigerant levels due to leakage, your car’s A/C cannot cool your car interiors as well as it should.

Because refrigerant is a gas, you won’t find any visible sign of a car A/C leak. Unlike with coolant, it won’t create a tell-tale puddle.

An automotive technician specializing in car A/C can identify the source of the leak via several methods. One of them is using a special dye that will run through the A/C system’s lines and make leaks visible to the naked eye.

Once they’ve identified and sealed the leak, they will refill the refrigerant, so you won’t have to worry about your car A/C blowing hot air anymore.

Electrical System Malfunction

A complex electrical system powers your vehicle’s A/C. If any of the system’s components—a fuse or wiring—malfunctions, your A/C’s automatic safety shutdown feature will activate to prevent further damage to the A/C unit.

You can try to see if the electrical system is compromised by checking the wires for signs of fraying, melting, or burning. However, doing the repairs yourself is not recommended, as you could further damage the system.

Your best bet would be to take your vehicle to an auto A/C services specialist in Brandon, FL, for proper diagnosis and repair.

car interior

Blocked Condenser

Your A/C’s condenser functions to re-cool heated refrigerant gas and return it to its fluid form. The condenser is located between the radiator and the grille, radiating heat outside the vehicle.

Unfortunately, its position makes it prone to clogging by dust and debris from the road. A blocked condenser won’t properly cool the refrigerant, resulting in your car A/C blowing hot air.

Cleaning the condenser is a lengthy, multi-step process that involves draining the detergent and flushing with clean water. Also, on some vehicles, the bumper needs to be removed before you can access it.

Beat the Heat With Car A/C Diagnostics and Repair

There are many other reasons your car A/C is blowing hot air, such as a busted compressor or broken cooling fans. For an accurate diagnosis, as well as expert repair and maintenance, turn to the trusted auto A/C services specialist in Brandon, FL. 

Auto Works of Brandon also offers annual air-conditioning performance tests to prevent car A/C failure. By trusting us to keep your vehicle’s A/C unit in top condition, you can drive comfortably even in the hottest Florida weather.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about what we do.



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