As climate change and global warming continue to affect the environment, many people are trying to reduce the impact on nature by driving hybrid and/or electric cars. However, a report by Danny King for AutoblogGreen advises eco-conscious Americans looking to purchase the new BMW i3 to hurry and reserve their unit ASAP:

“Nothing boosts the mystique of a new product like a “sold out” sign, and it appears likely that BMW will go that route with its first plug-in sold in the US. The German automaker won’t likely import enough of its new i3 plug-in vehicles to meet US demand, Bloomberg News says, citing BMW North America chief Ludwig Willisch.

The i3 will arrive at US dealerships by the end of May and US dealers are investing $2.5 million in upgrades in part to accommodate the new i sub-brand.”

Electric cars run exclusively on the electricity supplied by their batteries. As such, be sure to follow all the maintenance guidelines by a BMW Repair Shop pertaining to the charging and starting system as detailed in the user’s manual. A failing charging and starting system will render your electric car unusable, so do not hesitate to have a BMW repair service take care of it at the first sign of trouble.

I3 EVs

Other than regular battery and charging system maintenance, the lack of a hundred moving parts under the hood reduces the overall maintenance of electric cars. However, this does not mean you can completely neglect maintaining your electric car. With that in mind, bring your car to a BMW Repair Shop, such as Auto Works of Brandon, as specified by the user manual to keep your vehicle running as smooth as silk.


(Article Information and Image from BMW NA chief: US won’t get enough i3 EVs to satisy demand, AutoblogGreen, January 27, 2014)


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