Luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz will never go out of style, even if an individual model is old and beat-up. According to writer Peter Corbett from AZ Central, vintage Mercedes Benz cars were among the most popular cars sold at an auction in Scottsdale, AZ:

“Despite a sluggish economic recovery, the collector-car market showed no sign of slowing down last week with sales approaching a quarter-billion dollars at six Valley auctions that ended Sunday.

The Scottsdale-based Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. racked up sales of $107.8 million for 1,381 vehicles at the six-day auction in a new arena at WestWorld of Scottsdale.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwings and roadsters attracted a lot of bidder interest, with seven of the German sports cars from the mid-20th century selling for well over $1 million each. That included a 1955 Gullwing coupe that went for $2.09 million at Barrett-Jackson.”

Owning a luxury car can be one of the most rewarding purchases for car aficionados. At the same time, luxury car owners need to regularly maintain their car, whether on their own or through a Mercedes service Tampa, to preserve the look and value of their investment.

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Take note that maintaining the car goes beyond changing the oil and tuning-up the engine. Do not forget to check the efficiency levels of your car’s cooling system, power steering, and brakes. Regularly check your coolant and oil levels and top them up when necessary. Additionally, follow the scheduled maintenance advice found in your car’s user manual and from your Mercedes Service Tampa.


Whether you need to have your Mercedes repaired or you want to have it tuned-up, be sure to choose a trusted Tampa Mercedes repair service. Having an experienced service that specializes in handling Mercedes Benz, like Auto Works of Brandon, assures you that your car will come out of the shop even better than it used to be.

(Article Information and Image from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz among the more notable cars sold at Valley auctions, AZ Central, January 21, 2014)


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