Top 8 Most Common Auto Repair Services

The average age of a car on US roads is 12 years. This number has been slowly increasing as Americans decide to keep their vehicles for longer, causing the used car market to grow.

And using cars for longer can be a great thing as even older vehicles can perform up to par! However, motorists should be aware that their cars need regular upkeep for this to be the case. 

A car will inevitably end up at the mechanic several times in its lifespan, but neglect is among the top reasons. Let’s go over the standard auto services and the most common repairs.

1. Oil and Oil Filter Changes

Regularly changing your oil is necessary to ensure any vehicle runs smoothly. Oil and filter changes restore lubrication and cooling properties and are a vital auto shop service.

Curious how often you should be changing your oil? You can always check in with a technician and see what they think. The consensus is that you should do it every 3,000 miles or every three months.

2. Air Filter Replacement

Both cabin and engine air filters are essential to keep debris out, but dirt can accumulate in them over time. This decreases airflow and lowers your car’s performance, so it’s best to replace air filters whenever necessary. 

3. New Tires

Your tires need to stay adequately inflated; otherwise, you’ll lose speed and control while driving. 

Only the tires are in direct contact with the road and can suffer a fair bit of damage. Whether there’s a leak or your tires are worn out, you need to have them replaced or face impaired performance and lower fuel efficiency.

4. Battery Replacements

The battery is a vital part of your car’s ignition system. If the battery is old or corroded, it can cause a whole set of problems, especially when starting your vehicle. Battery maintenance and replacement are both popular services to prevent such issues.

5. Brake System Repairs

Another common concern for a trip to the mechanic is the brake system. Your car’s brake pads will lose their quality as you use them, eventually needing replacing. Brake repairs also cover brake lines, discs, drums, and rotors. 

How often brakes need repairing will depend on various factors such as driving habits and road conditions.

6. Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment and balance are much-needed, as they impact the tires’ performance and lifespan. These services will keep your wheels in good shape and prevent the need for early replacements.

7. Check Engine Light Service

It can be worrying to see your check engine light turn on unexpectedly, and you should always have this checked out. Luckily, the main reason this light comes up is a loose fuel cap, which is an easy fix for a mechanic. 

8. Spark Plug Wires Replacement

Spark plugs provide electricity to ignite the fuel and make your engine start. Thus, it’s no surprise that a worn-down spark plug will massively impact your vehicle. 

Spark plugs are cheap, but installed incorrectly can cause even worse damage to your car. So, it’s best to take this up with a mechanic.

Get a Professional to Do It

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