Responding to pleas for maintenance and repair certification, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in June implemented a new certification program for Mercedes Repair Professionals. The new course aims to educate technicians and boost their skills toward providing more satisfactory repair solutions for clients.

Called the Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1) test, the new certification puts more stress to the lookout for certified repair shops in the country. It will arm those who provide Mercedes repair in Tampa and in other areas–as well as companies that service other makes and models–with additional technical knowledge. As a result, car owners who frequent car repair shops for preventive and corrective solutions can look forward to more bang for their buck.

Repair Certification

“Since about 70% of all work being performed in repair shops across the nation is maintenance-based, this new test category will focus on the knowledge necessary to successfully perform the most common maintenance and light repair tasks,” said Tim Zilke, ASE President and CEO. “If you are a technician performing maintenance and light repair services, the new ASE Maintenance and Light Repair (G1) certification is for you.”


Maintenance and repair services go hand-in-hand in curbing the damage to cars over time. Luxury vehicles, in particular, have a lot to benefit from certified Mercedes repair services or other specialized solutions. Given the intricate engineering of these cars, repair work must only be handled by certified shops such as Auto Works of Brandon, a recipient of the ASE Blue Seal Shop of Excellence.

Furthermore, the course will help car owners in choosing technicians who have proven their worth in repairing car transmission, engine systems, suspension and steering, and other essential components. The shoulder patch the test will reward to those who pass will serve as an encouraging sign that car owners have selected the right mechanic for the job.

For their part, car shops can add the skills learned in G1 to their staff’s current skill sets, which can step up the quality of services of Mercedes Repair Professionals. As a result, trusted companies such as Auto Works of Brandon can better assure car owners of leaving their cars in more capable hands.

(Article Excerpt and Image from ASE Launches Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Certification, June 6, 2013, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence)


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