More than the prestige, premium cars like the new BMW M235i offer the most advanced safety options, entertainment technology, plushest interiors, and other exclusive features. Associated Press correspondent Ann M. Job reported more on BMW’s new two-door coup for ABC News:

The agile, turbocharged, rear-wheel drive M235i is downright fun to drive and relatively affordable — for a BMW with turbocharged six-cylinder power.

This first M Performance Automobile (MPA) from BMW to arrive in the United States has variable sport steering and an adaptive suspension that can amaze in racetrack cornering, and yet they are comfortably mannered enough for daily commutes.

In fact, the M235i, which is the top of BMW’s new 2-Series model line, is being compared by some to BMW’s revered 2002tii from the 1970s. The compact, two-door 2002tii had authentic sports car chops and is known by fans as “the BMW we all loved.” And the $40,000 price tag often found on the surviving 2002tii gems isn’t far from the price for a 2014 M235i, which the federal government classifies as a subcompact.

The new BMW M235i can be considered as a dream come true for many car enthusiasts as this is a sports car that they can, more or less, afford to purchase. BMW has also launched a network of supercharging stations to cater to their electric-powered sports car series to battle established manufacturers like Tesla. As affordable sports car become prevalent, many car owners see BMW repair service providers, such as Auto Works for Brandon, as important partners in keeping their vehicle in top shape.


Tampa BMW repair centers are prepared to provide the necessary services to sports car and other luxury vehicle owners as they employ professional technicians who are up to date with industry practices. These repair companies are familiar with the makeup of all BMW models to perform regular maintenance, overhauls, and other fixing jobs to improve car performance. They can also offer car owners the assurance that they’ll order the necessary spare parts to ensure that they can fix any problem their BMW cars have.

As sports and other luxury cars hold an important place in the lives of American car enthusiasts, having a qualified BMW Repair Service Providers to rely on becomes just as relevant so that they may really take care of these high-end vehicles.

(Source: M235i Revives Classic BMW Memories, Ann M. Job, August 13, 2014)


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