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Volkswagen vehicles are built for fun and durability. These German-engineered cars can withstand hundreds of thousands of miles of travel – if properly maintained. When looking to buy a used Volkswagen, you should have the vehicle undergo a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you are getting value and not just unexpected VW repair expenses. Volkswagens must be serviced and maintained regularly to operate at full efficiency. Before you invest in a used VW, make sure you have a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle performed.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we offer pre-purchase comprehensive inspections for used Volkswagens. Our VW inspection helps our clients to have peace of mind when making a car purchase. Here is what J.D. Power advises for when to have your potential vehicle purchase inspected:

A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city. When there is no warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical issue. For this reason, a qualified PPI makes financial sense. Vehicles in other cities present additional challenges when the purchaser is unable to take a test drive. With just a few phone calls, you can often arrange a PPI with a local shop where the seller can drop the vehicle off for a few hours. The resulting PPI report gives the buyer added security during a long-distance transaction.

Once we have completed a comprehensive inspection and you buy your new car, we also offer VW service and repairs to help you keep your car running at its peak performance. Our mechanics are licensed and certified VW specialists, which means that your VW service is performed by expert mechanics. We promise we will always provide the best Volkswagen service for the best value.

At Auto Works of Brandon, you can trust that your Volkswagen vehicle is in honest, capable hands. Let us help you service your Volkswagen and keep your vehicle running at its maximum capacity.

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