People are definitely concerned with issues like climate change, renewable energy, and sustainability. A clear evidence to this are the various laws the United States have passed since year 2000 that focuses the gradual shift of energy production from fossil to the renewable classes. President Obama even promoted electric cars in some of his public speeches. Companies like Tesla have answered this call and Mercedes-Benz is also entering the hybrid car arena, as Dan Neil reports for The Wall Street Journal:

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AND OVER HERE in the Appliance Department you’ll now find the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, the firm’s first proper, volume-production electric car: Five-seats, five doors, front-wheel drive, 85 miles of range, 42 grand or so before tax credits at the state and federal level. In all respects, just another ship in Mercedes’ fleet.

Hybrid cars promise a lot of benefits that no traditional car can offer. Their motors use clean and cheaper energy and give better performance that result in reduced emissions. Buying electric cars also open up tax benefits and savings offered by the state and the federal government. The biggest benefit, however, probably, is that these cars have higher resale value than normal cars. And that’s on top of owners being able to say that they are helping the environment by driving a hybrid car like the one Mercedes-Benz offers.

Like all other cars, though, electric vehicles are not immune from breakdowns and road troubles. Even with a lot of benefits that cannot be realized on a normal car, people will still need to have their hybrids regularly checked up to ensure that it will continue to efficiently function. In this regard, companies that offer quality Mercedes repair services and check-up functions, like Auto Works of Brandon, are key in maintaining this eco-friendly line of cars.

For the State of Florida, people with hybrid cars can find an automobile mechanic who offers Mercedes repair in Tampa, as car manufacturers usually lay out a wide network of accredited service centers. Manufacturers do this so that drivers and owners will not have a hard time looking for a qualified mechanic who can give quality service to their cars.

Mercedes brand hybrid cars, including its predecessors, can change the landscape of land transportation. Many people have realized this and have already switched from traditional cars to electric ones. Auto repair shops and Quality Mercedes Repair Services will make sure that those who have hybrid cars, and those planning to acquire one, can get the quality service they need to make full use of this wonderful kind of vehicle.

(Source: Meredes B-Class Hits the A-List of Electric Cars, Dan Neil, May 9, 2014)


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