Car manufacturer Audi is considered to be among the automotive industry’s top players as it continues to develop innovations that are meant to provide a better driving experience for its customers and for Audi repair services. Some of these developments include electric car noise generators and laser-based light technology for their models’ headlights. Joining these firsts in car manufacturing is a new type of engine, which FOX News highlighted in a recent report:

Audi’s engine of the future may be a little off-kilter.

Autocar reports that the automaker is working on a unique four-cylinder motor that features a bank of pistons sitting offset and parallel to the crankshaft rather than directly above it.

A patent drawing of the proposed powerplant has been unearthed that depicts its unusual design, with pistons attached to connecting rods via rocker arms that are fitted with counterbalancing weights.

According to the patent filing, “damping free inertia forces” are created, which should reduce the vibration of the inline-four-cylinder to the level of a six or eight piston engine. Autocar speculates that lobes could be added to the crankshaft that would allow the motor operate using variable compression ratios — a long-sought holy grail of efficiency that’s never quite made it to primetime in the automotive sphere.

While the improvement of car engines is always welcome news for car owners, drivers, and enthusiasts, these kinds of innovations also make it more important for people to turn to trusted companies that offer Audi Tampa service. Experienced automotive businesses such as Auto Works of Brandon possess an intimate familiarity with Audi products gained by years of working on and servicing Audi vehicles. This in-depth knowledge can greatly benefit owners as this ensures that any automobile problem can be addressed appropriately.

Reliable Audi repair services will continue to be important in the proper maintenance of cars as the introduction of revisions, upgrades, and new versions will not stop anytime soon. Auto repair shops that employ highly-trained mechanics and use state-of-the-art equipment can give car owners peace of mind in the knowledge that any required adjustments can be implemented in a timely manner. Moreover, trusted repair centers can source manufacturer-approved spare parts whenever replacement components are needed.

The forward march of technology and manufacturing techniques mean that there will always be newer vehicles in the market. In this regard, car owners and enthusiasts should not hesitate to call for help from certified professionals and Audi repair services upon experiencing problems with late-model vehicles.

(Source: Audi rethinks the piston engine, FOX News, August 19, 2014)


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