VW Repair Before Holiday

Summer is here and you’re probably excited to take a week or so to relax during this year’s family vacation. Whether you’re escaping the heat or embracing it at the beach, it is important that your get your Volkswagen serviced before you start on your journey to relaxation. After all, there is nothing relaxing about spending unplanned time and money in a mechanic shop during your vacation. Let us help you avoid some unnecessary emergency repairs by inspecting your Volkswagen.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we offer a comprehensive inspection with our VW service in Tampa. We check several of the key elements of your vehicle, including the oil and the lights. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the tire pressure on your vehicle is up to manufacturer standards. Not only will having full tires keep you from spending money on an emergency tow and replacement tire, but it will also help keep your family safe by preventing a tire blowout in the middle of your trip.

Here is what Consumer Reports suggests about checking your tires for safety:

Read the rubber. Inspect your tires for any tears or bulges in the side wall. The tires should have a good amount of tread left. The easiest way to measure this, if you don’t have a gauge, is to hold a quarter upside down in the tread. If the top of George Washington’ head is visible, you need new tires to ensure traction in all weather conditions. Make sure the tire pressures are set to the figures that are printed on the placard on the driver’s door jam, or what’s listed in your car’s owner’s manual. If you need to replace your tires, our car and truck tire Ratings will help you choose the best model.

If you are ready to have our team of certified mechanics service your VW, give us a call today. We can help make sure that your vacation is safe and relaxing – at least when it comes to your vehicle.

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