For years, the sedan was the car type of choice in the U.S. Now, the tables have officially turned, because in a recent survey by IHS Automotive, it has become apparent that Americans are leaning more toward SUVs over sedans.

“A new study by IHS Automotive has revealed that American motorists are turning to the high-riding style of crossovers and sport utility vehicles more than they are traditional sedans. Through May of 2014, IHS says that SUVs and CUVs account for 36.5 percent of new vehicle registrations. Sedans, meanwhile, cover just 35.4 percent. That represents a flip-flop from the same period five years ago, when the trusty four-door occupied 36.3 percent of registrations to the SUV/CUV category’s 31.4 percent.”

Should you simply just jump on the bandwagon? It still pays to research before you buy, because despite their popularity, SUVs may not be the one that fits your particular transportation needs and you need to have Regular Tampa Mercedes Service. Read on below to discover the pros and cons of each vehicle type.

Utility vs Sedans

SUVs are designed with high clearance, body-on-frame chassis, and superior brute force. Today, SUVs have proven to be convenient even in an urban setting. Due to their size, they can comfortably seat over five persons, and because of their strength, they are capable of towing and hauling heavy loads.

The size of SUVs comes with some disadvantages, though. For one thing, their high ground clearance makes it harder to board and alight from them. High clearance also means the chances of the vehicle rolling over on a swerve are higher. Plus, they’re more difficult to maneuver compared to sedans and the need for Regular Tampa Mercedes Service for the maintenance.


Sedans, on the other hand, are very easy to drive and maneuver on paved roads. Since they have low clearance, they are quite easy to get in and out of. Sedans are also known to be very fuel efficient. Though they can’t usually seat over five passengers, they’re generally less expensive than their SUV counterparts.

Like an SUV, the disadvantages of the sedan lies mainly in its size. Being smaller and less spacious, they have less cargo space. And because sedans are usually light, they aren’t very good for towing or hauling.

Still, regardless of which type you choose, when you purchase a Mercedes Benz vehicle, what’s important is that you have it regularly maintained by a reliable Tampa Mercedes repair facility.

The importance of regular maintenance

When you purchase your new Mercedes sedan or SUV, you’ll be given an owner’s manual with a detailed maintenance schedule. You’ll need to take your vehicle to a Tampa Mercedes service for each scheduled maintenance to ensure it stays in good running condition whenever and wherever you use it.

(Source: America, you’re now buying more utility vehicles than sedans,, Jul. 17, 2014)


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