BMW Repair

One of the great things about a BMW is that its beauty and luxury are timeless. Each vehicle is built with the quality and precision that makes your BMW stand out as a leading luxury vehicle.

While your vehicle’s beauty is timeless, it’s technology and engineering is always changing. Parts are made differently and each year brings higher quality and reliability to your BMW.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we understand that your BMW is an evolutionary machine with intricate engineering. That is why each of our mechanics are licensed and certified to repair and service BMWs in the greater Tampa area. Our mechanics have each undergone years of rigorous training in both foreign and domestic vehicles, including BMW. We understand that the best way to keep your luxury car a luxury is to give it quality service and repairs.

Not only do we fix major repairs in your BMWs, but also we help you avoid extra costs by continually offering preventative maintenance and check-ups. Our state of the art diagnostic software allows us to identify service and repair needs for your BMW servicing. It also shows us potential upcoming repairs due to a fault in your vehicle or just from general driving wear. This knowledge lets us help you plan for upcoming expenses and possibly prevent small services from becoming large repairs.

According to the BMW Manufacturer, your BMW vehicle should be serviced at three intervals:

  • Oil Service: During this BMW maintenance interval, the engine oil and filter are
  • An inspection is also conducted to identify additional preventative
  • maintenance issues that might be necessary or recommended.
  • Inspection I: This maintenance is more comprehensive and is completed based on the specifications in your BMW Service Booklet.

Inspection II: Also specified in your BMW Service Booklet, this BMW service interval includes additional major vehicle maintenance.

For best performance, we suggest having your brake fluid and coolant fluid flushed during one of these services.

Service you can stand by

We know that your BMW is a luxury. We also know that you could choose anywhere in the greater Tampa area to BMW servicing. At Auto Works of Brandon, we are so confident in our ability to offer you the best service available, that we stand by our services with a Two Year/24,000 Mile Warranty.

Our mechanics know how to treat your BMW with the care and precision it deserves. Each of our ASE certified mechanics use only BMW synthetic oil for your oil services. We also include a multi-check inspection to ensure your vehicle is operating safely and reliably. This inspection includes verifying the safety of your braking system, lights, steering components, and suspension.

At the end of the day, we want you to feel confident in our service. Auto Works of Brandon is an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau. In over thirteen years of service to the greater Tampa community, we have never received a complaint. We promise that we will offer you the best quality and most reliable service for your BMW.

When it comes to servicing your luxury vehicle, we promise to give you the best quality service and repairs. Our certified technicians can fix anything from preventative maintenance to significant repairs. The diagnostic software at Auto Works of Brandon helps us prepare you for most upcoming expenses with your vehicle, and also helps us prevent small services from becoming larger costs and repairs. Our goal is to keep your BMW running with the most reliability, quality, and fuel efficiency possible for your vehicle.

Let us keep your BMW running at peak performance, so you can rest assured and enjoy your luxurious ride.


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