Should You Fix or Replace Your Vehicle? Some Factors to Consider

If your vehicle is getting older and constantly in the shop for repairs, you might feel like you’re just throwing your hard-earned dollars into a money pit. This is especially true when you’re faced with costly fixes like an engine block repair or a catalytic converter replacement.

You might start thinking that your old car is more of a trouble than an asset and that you’d be better off with a new, problem-less vehicle. However, a new car doesn’t come cheap either, with monthly payments, registration fees, and insurance costs.

There are plenty of arguments on both sides of the replace vs. repair dilemma, but every person’s situation is unique. To help ensure that you make the decision that’s best for your situation, consider the following:

Cost of Repairs and the Market Value of Your Vehicle

Some fixes are more expensive than others—for instance, replacing oil filters costs much less than a catalytic converter replacement. However, even minor problems can drain your bank account if they keep popping up.

To get a good idea of how much you’d need to spend to get your car back in excellent running condition, take it to a trusted mechanic for a complete vehicle inspection.

A technician will be able to tell you what problems need to be fixed right now, what problems are likely to occur in the future, and how much it would cost to have them all repaired. Also, ask the technician for an estimate of maintenance costs.

Then, determine the current market value of your vehicle without the repairs and maintenance. You can use an online car valuation tool like Kelley Blue Book’s to help you with this.

If repair and maintenance cost more than your vehicle’s market value or more than a year’s worth of payments on a new model, you’re probably better off getting a new car.


The Reliability of Your Vehicle

Getting into your car in the morning and finding out it won’t start isn’t just annoying. If it happens often enough, it could affect your personal and professional responsibilities. Your boss or customers probably won’t be too understanding if you skip work several days a month because of car problems.

If you’re constantly taking your vehicle to the shop and still having problems popping up, get a second opinion from another technician in Brandon, FL. A complete vehicle care center with a good track record for honesty and integrity is your best bet.

It might just be that your vehicle isn’t being repaired correctly, hence the recurring problems. However, it might also be that your vehicle is unfixable, which means you probably need to get a new car.

The Bottom Line

According to Edmunds, it’s almost always cheaper to fix a car than buy a new one. However, you might have your own reasons for wanting to get a new model, beyond the financial aspect. You might want the advanced safety features of newer models, or you might simply be tired of dealing with constant repairs.

If you do decide to have your car fixed, choose a technician you can trust to perform quality work. An auto care center with a reputation for integrity and expertise with your type of car will keep your vehicle running well for as long as it could.

Auto Works of Brandon in Florida is a complete vehicle care center offering diagnostic, maintenance, and repair solutions. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle or learn more about our services.

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