Telltale Signs Your Car's AC Needs Immediate Repairs

There are many components involved in running your vehicle, making it easy for you to ignore more minor issues concerning the AC system until it’s too late. A simple case of strange noises can lead to extensive air conditioning repairs that often range from $1,000 to $4,000 and even more.

It’s best to know the signs of a failing AC system as soon as possible so you can avoid further damage and expensive repairs. In this article, we’ll share some of the signs your car’s AC requires serious car AC repairs.

Unpleasant Odor

If you turn on your car’s AC and notice a noxious odor, it could be a sign of extensive mold and bacterial infestation. Mold build-up usually happens to vehicles that rarely use the AC or frequently use the max system, sometimes bringing extra moisture.

Bacteria, fungi, mold, or other micro-organisms thrive on moisture and are often found around the evaporator. Mold exposure can have adverse effects on people’s health and can trigger allergic reactions or asthma.

At the first sign of unpleasant odors, it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional. A technician can help replace dirty air filters and use anti-bacterial solutions to eliminate any contaminants.

Car AC Is Blowing Hot Air 

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When your car’s AC starts blowing hot air while the vehicle is running or idle, it usually means there’s a serious issue. A common cause is a failing expansion valve. This specific valve can get clogged and cause the refrigerant to flow into the evaporator.

However, your car AC blowing hot air may also result from other serious problems like a damaged compressor clutch, a failing condenser, a blown fuse, or a leak.

Trying to determine the cause on your own may prove fruitless unless you conduct a thorough inspection. It’s best to take your vehicle for auto air conditioning repair as soon as possible. Ignoring the issue can lead to further damage to the car’s AC components.

Every time you hear strange noises in your car that were not there before, it could be a sign of a serious problem.

Strange Noises 

Every time you hear strange noises in your car that were not there before, it could be a sign of a serious problem. Auto air conditioning systems are designed to be quiet when in use. Rattling, pounding, and other violent sounds usually indicate that a major component has failed.

Common causes of these strange noises may be a damaged AC compressor, faulty compressor clutch, and a broken timing belt.

Do not ignore the strange noises coming from your car; take your vehicle to a professional auto repair service immediately. It’s also recommended not to use your AC to avoid further damage.

AC Randomly Turns On or Off 


Your AC randomly turning itself on and off could be a sign of electrical malfunctions. It’s also possible for your AC to turn on the first time, then shut down after a while, and never turn on.

Auto air conditioning is electronically controlled and operated. However, issues like short circuits, blown fuses, and damaged wires can cause your AC to malfunction. Electrical issues are common occurrences for car owners living in places with hot climates. Extreme heat can cause the internal wiring to short circuit and prevent the AC from functioning.

Electrical malfunctions can cause acid build-up over time which can corrode internal components enough to force you to replace your entire AC system.

If you are experienced in fixing electrical components, then tracing and fixing the specific malfunction on your own is possible. If not, consider taking your vehicle to an auto care professional for repairs.

A functioning auto air conditioning system is an essential part of the driving experience. No matter what symptom you experienced, it must be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.

Auto Works of Brandon has certified technicians that can diagnose and repair even the most complex auto air conditioning problems. If you notice any signs of AC problems, set an appointment with us today and have our experts diagnose the issue.



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