The Nissan Rogue: Most Common Nissan Repair Services

The Nissan Rogue is a popular car, but it does require some common repair services. Since its launch in 1991 up to 2021, CarProblemZoo by owners needing Nissan repair services

The highest number of issues were for the 2018 Rogue cars, for which owners detailed 711 problems. Here are some of the most common issues with this model.

Frustrating Fuel Gauges and Pumps

The most common Nissan Rogue problems involve a temperamental fuel gauge providing inaccurate readings. This can lead to the vehicle stopping mid-trip as it runs out of fuel without the driver’s knowledge. 

This can be very inconvenient especially if the car stops in an isolated area during a long drive and there is no mobile signal to call for help. If it happens in a snowstorm, being stranded in a stalled vehicle can be life-threatening.

Most of the time, a faulty tank sender unit is identified as the cause. Replacing this costs about $258 for parts and labor. At times, however, the fuel pump has to be replaced. That can cost owners from $1000 to $1,398. Complaints of this type cover models from 2008 to 2018, with most failures presenting at 62,000 miles or earlier (a lot less time spent driving).

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Malfunctioning Brakes

Another common problem with the 2018 Nissan Rogue is that its brakes engage for no reason unexpectedly. It can happen when driving into the garage, coasting at moderate speeds, or during acceleration. It cannot be attributed to the car’s automatic braking feature because it happens even when no objects are nearby. Another problem with the brakes is not properly engaging.

Any brake malfunction is extremely dangerous and can lead to a road accident. If this happens to you, immediately consult a mechanic. At a dealership, the average cost of brake replacement is $910 to $1050.

Faulty Air-Conditioning (A/C)

A/C issues are most common with the 2015 Nissan Rogue, and it often starts at about 15,000 miles. The car’s interior does not get cooler or warmer with different settings. Heat is improperly distributed, and the heater suddenly stops working.

The exact cause of this issue has not yet been determined, even by dealerships. Sometimes, replacing the evaporative emissions control system (EVAP) sensor may help, but it is not a sure fix. The average cost of that replacement is $534 for both parts and labor.

Transmission Issues

In the 2013 Nissan Rogue, transmission problems start at 65,000 miles, while in the 2008 Nissan Rogue, transmission problems start at 125,000 miles. The problem has also been reported in the 2015 Rogue. Nissan had to increase their warranty on the Rogue because of a design failure that caused significant issues with its continuously variable transmission.

Transmission problems are characterized by fluid leaks, shuddering, shaking, jerking when accelerating, slow response to acceleration, loss of acceleration, loss of control, and stalling. The transmission can fail when driving up an incline, rolling backward, and possibly crashing. Transmission replacement can cost more than $3,000.

Nissan Repair Services

If you own a Nissan Rogue, make sure to get highly competent Nissan repair services for any problems you encounter. Bring your car to Auto Works of Brandon at the first sign of trouble to avoid mishaps. Call (813) 3815002 to schedule a consultation with a qualified technician.


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