Tire Rotation, Alignment, and Balancing: All You Need to Know

Having the right tires and adapting them to the road and weather conditions is crucial. In 2019, there were around 612 tire-related traffic fatalities. Tires may seem simple to understand, but there is more to just changing tires due to wear and tear. 

There are many reasons for uneven tire wear - here’s what to know about tire rotation, alignment and balancing. 

What is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is a necessary process to ensure all tires wear evenly. This protects all tires and ensures they last longer. The rotation is done because the front tires do more work than the back tires. Front tires wear faster due to the front axle bearing more weight, making turns, sidewall damage, and heavy, sudden braking. 

How and When to Rotate Tires?

Depending on the wheel type, there are several ways to rotate tires. One is by changing the back with front tires, and then switching the left with right tires and doing a cross-tire rotation.

If you have a spare tire that matches the full-size tires, keep it in rotation by placing one of the used ones as a spare. The tire rotation should be done every 6 months or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Keeping the Tire Balance

Balanced tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Bumpy roads, tire wear, weather conditions, and potholes can cause uneven weight distribution. Tire balancing is done through a process of inspecting and matching high and low points of rims and tires. 

If you feel steering wheel vibration while driving, especially at high speed, this is a sign that your tires need to be balanced. This is not part of a regular service, hence you should ask for it as needed. 

Proper Tire Alignment

If you’ve noticed your car drifting to the side and not driving in a straight line, tire alignment is what you need. It is a service where tires are aligned within the axis and pointed straight. It is an important thing because it puts the other wheels under pressure to drag the misaligned wheel. It can cause shaking of the steering wheel and potential mechanical problems.

Benefits of Tire Rotation, Alignment, and Balancing

Your vehicle and your wallet will thank you for taking good care of your tires. Rotation, alignment, and balance of tires are crucial in preserving your vehicle in good condition. Some of the benefits of these three services include even tire wear, smooth and safe ride, and decreased noise and vehicle vibration. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself from buying new tires.

Tire Rotation, Alignment, and Balancing Service Expertise

At Auto Works of Brandon , we take superb care of our customers. Tire lifespan can be tricky to notice - let us help you retain their health and viability for as long as possible. 

With regularly planned Tire Rotation, Alignment and Balancing, we’ll make sure your tires last longer and keep you safe while on the road. Contact us today to learn more and make the most of our services! 


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