BMW 1 2 3 Series

Make, body style, MPG and safety ratings are some of the top criteria we use in determining our direction when shopping for cars. It’s common to prioritize the positives when buying something new, however, being a responsible consumer also requires that we equally weigh potential negatives. At Auto Works of Brandon, we are qualified to provide BMW service to all models and can meet any BMW repair needs you have. We are here to offer some practical information to aid in the process and help you make an informed decision. Considering that not all cars are alike, these issues are not present in every BMW, but they are potentially present and can provide a starting point for additional research on your part.


Newly updated in 2015 after a 2-year hiatus, the 1-series was originally offered between 2008-2013 as a coupe or convertible option. The model was created as a budget-friendly choice and it exceeds performance standards for its size and class. touts this model as “one of the best values in the used-car markets”, but all cars have maintenance points to consider. Here are a few for the 1-series wikipedia:

  • Loss of power, generally due to a faulty Bosch Coil Pack
  • Timing Chain noise / failure, somewhat common with the N47 engines
  • Engine (N47) Swirl Flaps wearing and locking up
  • Clutch vibration
  • Wet rear seats and/or electrical issues due to faulty installation of the filters in the wheel arches


Created as the “successor” to the former 1-series, the 2-series is very new to the road. Released in 2014, there is little information as to consistent maintenance issues. In light of BMW briefly discontinuing production of the 1-Series, and this being the “new and improved” offering, we hope that the known issues were addressed pre-production and they have been resolved. However, as with all high-performance machines, any noise or hint of an issue should be examined and addressed at its onset, to avoid more costly repairs later on.


Around since 1975 and 6 generations of production, the 3-series is the brand’s best-selling model. As each year’s update is introduced, some problems are corrected and others are created. According to, the 3-series is a phenomenal car, but all cars have issues an the most common 3-series issues include:

  • High-pressure Fuel Pump in the Turbocharged Engine, characterized by stalling, rough idle, rough running and long crank times. Naturally aspirated engines seem to have fewer issues and provide more reliability.
  • VANOS sensors get dirty and clogged, potentially causing the car to go into a “limp-mode”.
  • Electrical / Battery issues, often caused by corrosion of the cable connectors.

Because of the amount of information available, a truer compilation of data can be gathered on the 3-Series. Courtesy of True, here is a graph to better illustrate the repair and cost breakdown.

BMW 1 2 3 Series Problems

BMW Series Cost

At Auto Works of Brandon, all of our technicians are BMW-certified and have spent years providing BMW service and repair for our customers in Tampa. With so many engine options and potential issues, you want to know that the technicians working on your BMW have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Auto Works of Brandon is an ASE Blue Seal Shop of Excellence and has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2014. We can answer your questions and provide a pre-purchase inspection to give you peace of mind and show that we can be trusted to meet your BMW service and repair needs.


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