BMW 7 series

Sometimes, owning a high-performance vehicle just isn’t enough. You want Ultra high-performance. Supreme luxury with superior performance. Or maybe you prefer an SUV but are unwilling to compromise the driving experience you desire. The M-Series will deliver exhilaration, the 7-Series offers refined elegance inside a performance machine and the X-Series provides the best of performance and practicality in the fast-paced day-to-day life of families. Whatever your preference, you are sure to desire a look at the big picture before you take the plunge. After covering the potential BMW repair pitfalls with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-Series, we are wrapping up the discussion with the “specialty” offerings. Even though every car has issues, there are far more peaches than lemons. No matter what your BMW presents, you can trust Auto Works of Brandon as your BMW repair shop in Tampa. The following information is meant to aid in your research as you seek to make an informed decision.


Introduced in 1977, the 7-Series is the flagship line of BMW. This sedan-only class offers the latest in technology and luxury features that set the line apart from all the other Series. The exterior dimensions were altered slightly, but all in all, you can expect much the same in terms of reliability. That said, here is a re-cap of the 3-Series’ shortcomings:

  • Transmission issues (Leaks, Slippage, Complete Failure)
  • Multi-media system issues (Radio, L7 Amp, CD Changer)
  • Electrical System issues (iDrive)
  • Control Arm Bushings, Sub-frame Bushings


BMW M (Motorsport) began supplementing the BMW models with higher trim/higher performance offerings since 1972. There is, however, a difference between models that are produced by the M division, true M cars, vs. models with M package upgrades bearing the M badge. With a vast variance of options to consider, we are focusing on the true M models. Most true M cars were equipped with Manual or Semi-Automatic Transmissions and low displacement, naturally aspirated, high-revving engines, minus the super or turbo charging. Simple and performance-minded with a few minor issues that include:

  • Bushings (Sub-Frame, drive shaft)
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Brakes and Shocks due to hard driving
  • Most reported issues were engine-related, however they were often minor, inexpensive fixes.


From the first BMW crossover option, the X5, introduced in 1999, to the compact X1 released in 2009, there are currently 5 models with a sixth due to release in 2017. This series is branded as Sport Activity Vehicles (SAV) to emphasize their on-road ability, despite their larger size. Where they do bridge the gap for many in cabin amenities and more interior room for those desiring a luxury option, the kinks have not yet been worked out. Consider a full inspection to look for:

  • Engine Cooling System issues (Coolant Leaks and Failed Water Pumps)
  • Engine Issues (Oil Leaks, Catalytic Converter problems, etc.)
  • Radiator Issues (Coolant Leaks, Valve Covers, Water Pump, Thermostat)
  • Crankcase Valve (CCV) Failure
  • Electrical Issues (iDrive, xDrive, Entertainment Components)

At Auto Works of Brandon, we want you to love driving your new car without the worry of hidden problems. Our ASE-certified technicians can handle any BMW repair needs you have and we have been providing BMW service and repairs in Tampa for over 14 years. With a BBB rating of A+, and a perfect 14-year record of customer satisfaction, we are more than qualified to diagnose and fix any problems we find. Call us to ask about a pre-purchase inspection on your BMW to put your mind at ease.


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