Toyota Repair: Maintenance Light Goes On

If you’re the owner of a Toyota, you know that it’s one of the most reliable cars on the market. That is why its yearly revenue exceeds the combined annual income of Honda and Nissan. 

But even the most reliable car can experience a problem now and then and need Toyota repair services. If your Toyota’s maintenance light goes on, don’t panic! 

This article will explain what it means and what you can do about it.

Where is the Maintenance Required Light Located?

The maintenance required light is on the instrument panel of your Toyota. It looks like a little oil canister with a light bulb inside it. In some cases, this light appears as an icon that says “Maint Req” on the panel.

What Does the Maintenance Required Light Mean?

The purpose of the maintenance required light is to remind you to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your car, such as an oil change. The light will come on at mileage intervals of 5,000 miles set by Toyota.

What Should I Do If the Maintenance Required Light Comes On

If your maintenance required light comes on, then you should take your car to a Toyota repair services center for maintenance as soon as possible. A responsible mechanic will reset the light after doing all the necessary tasks.

In some cases, however, the mechanic forgets to do this. The maintenance required light does not reset itself automatically, so it will remain on and can distract you while you are driving. It also means that the light cannot accurately remind you of the next maintenance schedule after 5,000 miles.

mechanic working under the hood

How to Reset Your Toyota Maintenance Required Light

Don’t worry. You can reset the maintenance required light by yourself. These are three sets of instructions that work for various Toyota models. One of them will work for your Toyota. 

  1. Turn on your vehicle and check that your odometer shows the mileage.
  2. Turn off the vehicle. Press the button for the trip meter reset.
  3. While still pressing the reset button, carefully turn the key to the “on” position without starting the car.
  4. While keeping the reset button pressed, observe the odometer. It should show a series of dashes followed by zeros before the usual odometer reading reappears.
  5. When the regular odometer readings return, release the button and start your car. If the maintenance required light is still on, repeat the process.

In some Toyota Corolla models, you must press the odometer toggle for 20 seconds while the key is off. Keep the button pressed and turn the key to “on” without starting the car. The maintenance required light will flash. Keep the button pressed until the light turns off.

In other models, you will have to do the following instead.

  1. Put your key in the “on” position without starting your car.
  2. Press the trip meter reset button on the dashboard for 10 seconds and carefully turn your key to the second position without starting. The odometer will flash and may beep before turning off.
  3. Once the odometer is off, release the button and start the car. If the maintenance required light is still on, repeat the process.

Toyota Repair Services

Bring your car to a reliable Toyota repair services center for maintenance so that everything is done right and nothing is missed. Contact Auto Works of Brandon to book an appointment with an ASE-certified technician. We have 20 years of industry experience behind us that will benefit you.


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