As one of the premier Audi repair shops in the greater Tampa area, we can service and fix almost any problem you might be having. But sometimes, the problem isn’t so much a mechanical failure as it is the frustration of not being able to figure out the often complex infotainment systems that luxury vehicles today come with.

There are many different approaches, but with the latest vehicles, Audi has made it simple to use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, systems that take advantage of the smartphones consumers are already used to using, with familiar apps, menus and functionality. Setting up your phone to work with this system is fairly quick and easy:

  1. Prepare your car. To pair your phone and activate either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, your car will need to be, and parked. Neither you nor a passenger will not be able to activate either of these systems while the car is in motion, so you will want to set it up before you leave for your destination.
  2. Plug it in. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay require the phone to be plugged into either of the two USB ports in the car’s console. Audi does recommend that you use a manufacturer-approved cable to connect, since the company notes that some aftermarket cables have a hard time keeping up with the data transfer required to make these systems work. If you are having trouble getting the car to recognize the phone, or getting your systems to work, the first thing to check is which cable you are using.
  3. Activate your system. Once the phone is plugged in, the screen in the dashboard will bring up a prompt asking if you want to activate your device. You will need to go through this step, and authorize the vehicle to exchange data with your phone in order to make either of these systems work. You will also have to make sure you respond to and accept prompts on your phone itself, authorizing the connection and the data transfer. If you use a lock screen, there will also be a prompt asking you if you want to bypass putting in your passcode while connected to the car.
  4. What will — and won’t — work. Once you connect, keep in mind, any Bluetooth connections will stop working. Those functions, such as music streaming or calls, are now handled through the wired connection and the Apple or Android interfaces. Using these systems also disables the ability to have multiple phones paired at the same time, so keep that in mind.

Now that you are connected to the car, there are a variety of different functions you can access. In both cases, the system will have a User Interface (UI) that is very similar to the one on your device of choice. So navigation should be fairly straightforward. In both cases, since Audi screens aren’t touch-enabled, you’ll need to use the knob and buttons on the console to navigate the menus and features. Here are a few of the things you can do:

  1. Navigation. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to use the cloud-enabled maps you are used to on your phone in place of the car’s built-in navigation system. Please note, if you already had the Audi built-in navigation active, this will override it and cancel any route guidance. You will need to re-plan your route in the Android or Apple interfaces.
  2. Music. You will have access to any saved music or playlists on your phone, as well as apps like Pandora, Spotify or other music streaming services. However, if you want to listen to broadcast radio, or use built-in music services such as Sirius XM, you will need to access that via the car’s Multi Media Interface (MMI) system. You can easily switch between the MMI and your smartphone connectivity on the home page, and both Android and Apply will continue to run in the background unless you specifically disconnect your phone in the settings.
  3. Calls and texts. You can have the car read you incoming texts, or send out quick messages, as well as access your phone book to make calls.
  4. Voice Commands. Where using these systems really shine is in the ability to control all of the above functions, plus more, with voice commands. Press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel until you hear a tone letting you know it is active and listening. Then you can do anything from ask it to make a call, ask it to play a specific song or playlist, navigate to an address or even access many of the virtual assistant functions that both Android and Apple have built into their phones. These can include asking for a weather forecast, traffic conditions, the nearest gas station and many more.

Accessing the full power of what your Audi vehicle has to offer doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. By using the built-in ability to connect to either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it doesn’t matter which smartphone platform your family prefers, you can tap into the power and connectivity it has to offer without needing to invest in additional equipment, software or subscription packages.

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