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Volkswagen owners understand that their vehicles are designed with elite precision and engineering. VWs are made to withstand the normal wear and tear of most vehicles, and typically last for extended lengths of time.

The key to making your Volkswagen push the extra mile(age) is to continually schedule it for Volkswagen service and maintenance check ups to ensure that everything is running properly. At Auto Works of Brandon, our mechanics are trained, certified, and experienced in Volkswagen engineering. Every Volkswagen service and Volkswagen repair includes a software diagnostic to make sure that your engine is running properly.

Occasionally, during our Volkswagen service check ups, we will find vehicles with the “check engine” light engaged. There are two ways that a “check engine” light can come on: either a steady picture on your dashboard, or a flashing picture. According to Humble Mechanic, here is the difference between the two stages:


If the light is “ON”, you have a system in your engine or transmission that is having an issue. If your car is driving normal, get it to a service station when you can. I DO NOT recommend waiting for an extended period of time. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have more issues.


Ok, this one is pretty serious, if the light is “FLASHING”, you need to STOP driving and have the car towed to a service station (I prefer the dealer of course). When the light is flashing, your vehicle is mis-firing. That means the air and fuel is not being used properly. This will cause damage to the vehicle emissions system, and that is expensive.

Your “check engine” light could come on for a number of reasons, ranging from your motor to your transmission. Our Volkswagen repair team will hook up our diagnostic system to your vehicle in order to interpret the code of the warning and make the necessary repairs.

If you have any questions about any of our Volkswagen services or repairs, contact our shop today!

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