Audi Warning Engine Light

It is important to understand what each light on your dashboard means in order to know if your Audi needs immediate service or repairs. Some lights, such as the oil change light, come on at certain intervals to remind you to schedule your regular Audi service. Other lights, such as the tire pressure light, come on when there is either a problem with an aspect of the vehicle or a malfunction in the computer system.

If your tire pressure warning sensor is on, your vehicle might be experiencing one of
many possible problems. If the tire pressure light is flashing on your dashboard, it
could be a sign that the weather is making the tire pressure fluctuate. While this
could mean that there is no immediate danger, it could also indicate that your tire
pressure is low enough to be influenced by the weather and should be checked at
your earliest convenience.

Additionally, if your tire pressure light comes on and stays on, you might be
experiencing low tire pressure. This is a simple fix and can be taken care of at your
local Audi certified mechanic in Brandon, FL.

If your tire pressure warning light starts flashing and then stays steady, you should
bring your Audi in for service and inspection because that is a good indication that
your pressure sensor is malfunctioning.

It is important for your safety to keep your tires at a manufacturer-approved
pressure. Here are some steps to take if your tire pressure light comes on while

If the tire warning light comes on while driving—especially on the
highway—then it is best to pull the vehicle off the road and find a safe place
to stop. If it is possible to do so in a safe manner, get out and observe the
condition of all four tires. If any of the tires show signs of sagging due to
improper tire pressure, then call for service—driving an under inflated tire
will destroy the sidewalls and make the tire unsafe. A tire with a damaged
sidewall can fail without warning and be catastrophic at any speed above 25

At Auto Works of Brandon, we offer Audi service and repairs for the local Brandon
and Tampa area. Our mechanics are licensed and certified Audi specialists. Call us
today to schedule your routine Audi service and inspection.

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