The tire pressure sensor light in your Volkswagen could indicate anything from low tire pressure to a malfunctioning tire pressure sensor. The type of problem can sometimes be noted by the type of light displayed on your dashboard. For example, if the tire pressure warning light is flashing, that could be an indication that the weather is making your tire pressure fluctuate. While this is not an immediate problem, it could indicate that your tire pressure is starting to get low and should be checked soon.

Additionally, your tire pressure warning light might come on and stay on, indicating that your tire pressure is low and you should take your vehicle in for VW repair and new tires.

The final way the tire pressure light can appear is by flashing and then staying on. This could mean that your tire pressure sensor is malfunctioning and you should schedule a VW service and inspection with your local Volkswagen certified mechanic in Brandon, FL.

The tire pressure light could indicate an immediate concern in your vehicle. Tire pressure affects both the safety and efficiency of the vehicle, according to Bridgestone Tires. If your tire pressure light turns on, here are a few steps you need to do in order to maintain the safety of your vehicle:

Do you know what to do when the low tire pressure TPMS symbol illuminates? The first thing to do is manually check your tire pressures with a gauge and add air until the pressures reach the vehicle manufacturer specification. Keep in mind, your TPMS does not replace routine tire pressure sensor light maintenance. It’s a tool that can help alert you when pressure is low, but a tire may drop below proper inflation long before the TPMS warning light comes on. The TPMS light comes on when the tire pressure gets too low or too high.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we offer VW service and repairs for the Brandon and Tampa area. Our mechanics are licensed and certified VW experts. Let us help you maintain the safety and integrity of your Volkswagen by offering routine service and repairs.

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