BMW Warning Engine Light

BMW owners know that any light that comes on in the dashboard means that something could be malfunctioning in the vehicle. However, some dashboard lights are more important than others when it comes to immediate BMW repairs and service. If your tire pressure warning light shows up on your dashboard, it could indicate a simple problem such as weather making the tire pressure fluctuate or a larger problem such as your tire pressure sensors malfunctioning. It could also simply mean that you tire pressure is low and should be inflated.

If your tire pressure warning light is blinking, it could mean that the weather is causing your tire pressure to fluctuate, triggering your sensor on and off. While this is typically not an emergency, it could indicate that your tire pressure is getting low and should be checked by your local BMW mechanic. If you tire pressure sensor comes on and stays on, that could mean that one of your tires is experiencing low pressure and you should stop to check it as soon as you can. You might need to bring your vehicle into the auto shop for a quick BMW repair and a new tire. If your tire pressure light flashes and then stays on, the tire pressure sensor might be malfunctioning, indicating that you should schedule a BMW service and inspection soon to fix the problem.

According to Bridgestone Tires, the amount of air in your tires is important to the safety and efficiency of the vehicle:

Both overinflation and underinflation can cause premature treadwear and possible tire failure. Overinflation can result in decreased traction, premature wear, and the inability to absorb road impact. Overinflated tires will show premature wear in the center of the tread. On the other hand, underinflation will cause sluggish tire respose, decreased fuel economy, excessive heat buildup, and tire overload. An underinflated tire will show premature wear on both outside shoulders.

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