When you bought your Volkswagen, you didn’t just buy a car for transportation. You invested in a vehicle that perfectly blends style, luxury, and efficiency. Your VW offers superior engineering that allows your vehicle to run not just for the next five years, but upwards of ten or more years. That’s why Volkswagen was one of the most popular cars in 2014.

But here’s the catch – you have to service your VW regularly to keep it running at its peak level of performance.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we understand that servicing your VW in the Tampa area can sometimes be a challenge. Dealerships are not always available or convenient for your busy schedule. And we’ve all had that moment when your $50 oil change turns into a $500 bill for services that were not approved by you.

That is why we offer a dealership alternative for your VW services and repairs in the greater Tampa area. At Auto Works of Brandon, we promise to offer you the best, most comprehensive service, at competitive prices. We promise to do the services we say at the price we quote. At the end of the day, we want our Volkswagen clients to know that they are in good hands for all of their repair and servicing needs.

So, what does it mean to service your VW regularly?

We suggest bringing in your Volkswagen for servicing and maintenance every 6,000 – 10,000 miles to check the oil, air filters, brakes, and lights. We will also complete a comprehensive check-up to make sure your vehicle is running up to the VW Manufacturer standards.

Your Volkswagen is an investment. We aim to make sure that you receive the full profit of your investment by servicing your vehicle to run smoothly, powerfully, and efficiently.

There are also quite a few advantages to servicing your VW regularly at Auto Works of Brandon.

We are experts in VW services and repairs.

When you bring your Volkswagen to be serviced at Auto Works of Brandon, you are bringing your VW to a team of expert mechanics trained in the superior engineering of the Volkswagen. Each of our mechanics is ASE certified, which means that they have completed over two years of training and testing on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our team can make sure your VW is performing at the high standard at which it was intended to perform.

Not only does Auto Works of Brandon carry the best team of mechanics in the greater Tampa area, but we also provide state of the art diagnostic software to make sure your Volkswagen is safe and efficient. Our software allows us to run tests on your VW system and ensure that each part is working at its optimal performance and safety level. This also helps us complete our comprehensive check up on your Volkswagen each time you come in for servicing; we want to keep you safe and your vehicle efficient.

We can save you money.

Any Volkswagen owner knows that sometimes repairs can be expensive. While some repairs are inevitable, other repairs can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance and services. We mentioned our diagnostic software earlier, in regards to keeping your VW safe and operating. But it serves also to help you save money on certain repairs.

At Auto Works of Brandon, we do a complete comprehensive checkup every time you bring in your VW to be serviced. This helps us to identify and correct any small concerns before they become big repairs. We are also able to warn you about upcoming expenses, like new brake pads or transmission troubles, if we find something that looks faulty during our inspection. This can help you plan for larger upcoming repairs instead of having an unexpected vehicle emergency.

Our goal is to make sure that your Volkswagen remains the great investment it was when you first purchased it. At Auto Works of Brandon, we can service and repair your VW to make sure you are safe and your vehicle is efficient.


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