Having to maintain your BMW and take it in for repairs or scheduled maintenance can be a stressful event.  Take some of the stress away by choosing Auto Works of Brandon as your BMW repair shop. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your BMW repair.

Enhanced Technical Training: We have the knowledge and experience for working on a BMW just like as the dealer.  In fact, our BMW technician is up-to-date with the latest trainings and certifications.  Even better, our technician speaks German fluently and born in Germany.

Develop Personal Relationships: Auto Works of Brandon is your neighborhood BMW repair shop.  It is easier to build a personal relationship with us than some BMW dealerships.  Our staff directly communicates with you each and every time.  Our team becomes familiar with you and your vehicle. One-on-one relationships such as these build trust, comfort and confidence between you and our team which tends to save you from unnecessary repairs and expenses.

Low Price Labor, High Quality Repairs: Dealer hourly rates are a killer at over $165 hourly in the Tampa Bay Area.  Smaller shop facilities have less overhead costs, which means our shop will charge you a lot less, while still using the same state-of-the-art equipment and technical resources.

Warranties & Guarantees: Many motorists believe that they have to take their vehicle to the dealer in order to keep the warranty valid which is not the case. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects against this and states that vehicle manufacturers can’t tell the consumer where to have scheduled maintenance and repair work done that is under warranty. Our shop offers a 3 Year 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty because we are confident in our work and want you to have peace of mind.

Convenient to You: Located around the corner in your neighborhood, Auto Works of Brandon is your BMW repair shop just a short drive away.   We are also providing free shuttle service and low cost rental car if you need to leave your vehicle for an afternoon or a few days.

Next time you’re in need of a scheduled maintenance or any kind of BMW repair call Auto Works of Brandon @ 813-657-4399.  Enjoy a GREAT service experience with  lower prices and quality workmanship.



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