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Jeep Service and Repair | Auto Works of BrandonJeep JK Rubicon Rack Field Test by Michael Dorausch, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jeep Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services

Jeeps are loved for their instantly recognizable style and amazing off-road capabilities. This doesn’t mean going off-road doesn’t take its toll on the vehicle, though. To keep your Jeep working well, you need to visit our Jeep car repair shop.

Auto Works of Brandon offers a variety of auto repair and maintenance services for Jeeps. With our tune ups, oil changes, fluid flushes, and other auto services, you’ll extend its lifespan and minimize your maintenance costs.

Bring your Jeep to our auto repair shop for quality repairs.

Why Choose Us

Our auto repair shop is proud to put your satisfaction above everything, dedicated to making the repair experience a pleasant one. If needed, we can pick your Jeep up at your residence, fix it, and drop it back so you can tick off one less errand on your list.

We also have a team of certified Jeep specialists who are skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to help—at competitive rates. You can rely on us for all models including the Compass, Wrangler, and Cherokee.

Get Your Jeep Serviced Today

Keep your Jeep vehicle running at its peak performance, so you can travel to your heart’s content. Visit our shop or call us to schedule a service appointment with our Jeep mechanics.

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Our Services

Your high-performance Jeep needs highly experienced Jeep car mechanics to ensure the quality of its repairs and maintenance. Auto Works of Brandon will help you maintain your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.


Your Jeep should get a tune up at least once a year. This entails cleaning and repairing all the parts that contribute to the combustion system. It will help spot and prevent problems before they become more serious and costly.

Visit our shop today for your tune-up service.

Oil Change

Engine oil provides essential lubrication and heat absorption to prevent excess friction and heat from damaging engine parts. It also protects against corrosion.

However, your Jeep’s engine oil needs a change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. If left alone, it will become dirty and will itself become a danger to your engine.

Schedule your vehicle’s engine oil change by emailing us at [email protected].

Brake Services

Your vehicle absolutely needs regular brake maintenance. Good brakes slow your vehicle down faster during emergency situations, preventing collisions or at least minimizing the damage and saving lives.

Faulty brakes, on the other hand, may not be able to stop your vehicle in time, costing you in repair and medical bills and possibly even resulting in death.

Contact us for your Jeep’s brake inspection and pad replacement today.

Air Conditioning Repair

No one wants to drive on a hot summer day with an underperforming air conditioning system. You can tell yours is due for a service when it lacks cooling power, isn’t evenly distributing cold air through the vents, or is leaking refrigerant.

Call (813) 381-5002 for fast, lasting air conditioning repairs.

Check Engine Light Services

If your check engine light turns on, that means there’s a problem with the engine, and a flashing light means it’s serious. The cause may be one or any combination of a variety of issues such as a faulty oxygen sensor or valve.

Whatever the problem is, it warrants immediate attention. Otherwise, it could lead to further damage to your engine.

Get in touch with Auto Works of Brandon for a check engine light service for your Jeep as soon as possible.

Find more quality services on our full list and have your vehicle serviced by the most trusted auto shop in Brandon.

Our Auto Services


Brandon’s Most Reliable Auto Services

For the most reliable vehicle repair and maintenance services in Brandon, you need Auto Works of Brandon.

Modern 5-Bay Facility

Your Jeep repair or maintenance will be done with some of the best equipment in the industry. Additionally, you won’t have to wait long as we have 5 bays for working on vehicles simultaneously.

3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty

We’re confident in our ability to keep your vehicle on the road. That’s why when you choose our auto shop for your Jeep, you get a warranty with our services. It lasts for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Fully Certified Mechanics

Your Jeep requires highly experienced car mechanics. Ours are all ASE-certified, and our shop has been granted the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence, which is only given to auto shops that measure up to the highest standards.

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