Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment

Drivers should solve car problems as soon as possible. Neglecting them can only lead to more complications and danger on the road. For instance, in 2020 in the US, 664 fatal vehicle accidents were tire-related.

To maximize your safety on the road, you must ensure all your car parts work correctly. Read on to discover what to do if you suspect your car needs alignment and how professional wheel alignment Brandon Fl can help.

What to Look Out For

Our vehicles actively communicate with us. But, to understand what they are saying, you need knowledge and experience. That is why first-time drivers have a tough time noticing something wrong.

Don’t worry—there are many obvious signs that your car needs alignment, such as:

Off-Center Steering Wheel

Unless you turn the wheel, it should sit straight in its center. In addition, it should automatically return to its center point after you make a turn. If this doesn’t happen, your car might need alignment.

Another way to tell whether your wheel is off-center is to look at its emblem. When you are not turning, it should sit in its proper position. You need an alignment if it’s always turned a few degrees left or right, even when driving on a straight road.

Pulling to the Sides

Your car should take you in the direction you want. So, another sign of tire misalignment is when your vehicle unintentionally pulls you to the sides. Usually, this is a soft and subtle movement.

To test whether you need alignment, go on a straight road with no bumps. Then, start driving and try to sense whether the vehicle is pulling you in another direction.

Do not let go of the wheel while testing your car. Doing this test hands-free can be fatal.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your tires’ appearance says everything about the state of your vehicle. That is why tire wear patterns are essential. So, if you want to find out whether your car needs alignment, check for wear on the inner and outer edges.

Your vehicle might lean more towards one side if some of your tires are more worn out than others. This is a common sign of misalignment. Take your car to the mechanic as soon as possible when you notice it.

The Main Causes

Car misalignment is a common situation that mainly happens because of three main reasons:

  • Usual wear and tear – All car parts, including your wheels, undergo normal wear and tear. That is why annual checkups are necessary;
  • Too much impact – You can’t avoid all bumps in the road; however, frequent and powerful impacts can misalign your wheels;
  • A tire change – You might feel that there is misalignment after switching to new tires. It’s a common problem, and you must align the car as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason is, when you notice misalignment, you must take your vehicle to an auto mechanic and fix the problem before it gets more complicated.

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